Parent Info

Practice Attendance and Behavior

The Barracuda’s are expected to attend as many practices as possible.  All practices are mandatory!  We recognize that there may be occasional conflicts (sickness, church, and excessive homework, out of town) but if a swimmer will be out of the water for a period of more than a few days, please notify the coaching staff.  Parents please keep in mind that we need your help in seeing that children are at practice and on time.  The more you practice the better the swimmer will progress.  Any swimmer who is active in outside activities will be required to contact coaches and work out alternate practice schedules.

Bad weather/cancellations:           

  1. We will have swim practices on all of our usual days unless notified otherwise.

  2. In case of bad weather, at least one of our coaches will always be there (unless the YMCA shuts down or severe weather prevents us from being there).  Practice will not be canceled.  Parents must use their own judgment about attending practice in bad weather.  If in question, please contact the “Y” before leaving for swim practice.

  3. If practice falls on a major holiday or on the day of a meet, we will not have practice.
    Swimming is one of the most disciplined sports.  Discipline is the responsibility of the swimmer and each must understand his/her role on the team.  Swimmers are expected to be ready at their respective practice times.  We must plan to make the most of our scheduled workouts by being on deck, on time.


It is important to participate with your child on the swim team.  The swimmer must be delivered to practice on time with constant encouragement and positive reinforcement.  Once at practice the coaches have sole responsibility for the swimmer’s training during practice.  To discuss your child’s progress please contact the coach by telephone or after practice to set up a convenient time to meet.  Although the swimming program has maintained an open door policy for spectators, practices generally go smoother and swimmers attention kept better during practice if parents, siblings, etc. are not in the pool area.  There is an observation room available above the Natatorium.  Please no children or parents on pool deck during practice times (Effective September 1, 2007).

Cancellations:       If a meet should ever be canceled due to severe weather every attempt will be made to contact each swimmer and the meet will be rescheduled if possible.  If in question about a cancellation, please contact the front desk at the Y or one of the coaches.

Away Meets:       Parents are responsible for arranging transportation and motel/hotel accommodations to away meets.  We want to encourage parents to attend these meets, as we are responsible for providing timers, judges and officials.

Communication and Parents Group

We have a Parents Group that helps with various activities of the team.  The Parents Group will help organize the set up of the meets and organize parent workers to time, judge, and officiate the meets.  At home meets we will offer concessions to visiting team/teams.  All parents are expected to work at meets (please).