Training Schedule

Blue Devils swimmers will train in one of four groups - Senior, Junior, Developmental, or Little Devils

Coaches work hard to meet the needs of each group while also having fun.  For new parents, the following description may be helpful as you consider which group would best meet your child's needs.  Please remember that our coaches reserve the right to determine if a swimmer is able to meet the demands a specific group.

Winter Maintenance

The Winter Maintenance program is designed for Senior, Junior, and Developmental swimmers looking to keep fit while they wait for the summer season to begin.  Practices take place in the lap pool at the Aquatic Center and primarily involve swimming lengths.  

Senior :  Swimmers in our Senior group are aged 12 and/or are proficient at executing all racing strokes.

Junior  :  Swimmers in our Junior program range in age from 6 - 12.  A practice involves them training in all four competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke).  Swimming relatively constantly, they would cover between 20-50 laps in a one hour practice.

Developmental : Swimmers in the Developmental program range in age from 6 - 12.  Practices are fun and filled with a mixture of games and activities aimed at teaching proper stroke technique and race components like diving off the blocks and turning.  Development swimmers should be able to swim a lap without stopping and be comfortable in the deep end, as they will swim lengths of the pool while developing their strokes and building their strength and stamina.  Most of our Junior and Senior swimmers were once in Developmental, and the goal of our Developmental coaches is to help swimmers move into the Junior group.  

Little Devils : Little Devils is for swimmers age 4-8 who are just getting their feet wet, so to speak.  More information can be found under the Little Devils tab above.