Meet Information

Short Course vs. Long Course

The swim year is generally divided into two seasons. The winter or "short course" season runs from late August to early April with high school swimmers going to mid-May. The meets are held in a 25-yard pool. The summer or "long course" season runs from early April to mid-August. The long course meets are held in a 50-meter pool. Some meets are offered in 25-yard pools during the summer.

Types of Swim Meets

Meet where only CCA team members participate. Usually the number of events a swimmer may enter are limited.


Dual Meets
A meet with another team. These meets usually promote team unity, but usually limit the number of events a swimmer may enter.


Age Group Open
These meets do not have qualification time standards. Typically, these meets offer each one of the competitive strokes in the two distances offered by each group. Some events may be open to multiple age groups. Each swimmer is allowed to enter 3-5 events per day.


B+ A Meet
Same as the Age Group Open except only age group events are offered. Open events are not offered.


These meets usually have some type of qualification time standard that a swimmer must meet in order to enter the meet. Qualifications can vary from "Novice" to "Q" or above. Some of the championship meets CCA participates in are:
  • Junior Olympics
  • Far Western
  • Western Zone
  • Sectional
  • Junior National
  • Senior National
  • Olympic Trials
  • Olympics

Competition Age Classifications
There are seven different age group classifications recognized by United States Swimming: 8 & Under, 10 & Under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-19, and Senior

The senior classification includes any swimmer who has achieved the prescribed qualifying time for the event. Not all age group classifications are offered at every swim meet. The swimmer's age on the first day of the meet will govern the swimmers age for the entire meet.

Within each age group, there are recognized levels of achievement based on times. All swimmers begin as "Novice" swimmers. As they improve, they advance from "Novice" to "B", "A", "AA", and so on. Sierra Nevada swimming publishes the time standards for each level yearly. A swimmer might be at different levels in each stroke.

Meet Entries
Prior to the meet, you will receive a "meet sheet" from your swimmer's coach. The meet sheet will contain important information about the meet, such as dates, times, location, event listing, etc. Keep the meet sheet handy until the meet is over.

To register for a meet, it is necessary to fill out an entry form. Most meets use the SAMMS Card for entries. It is usually attached to the meet sheet or it can be found on the Sierra Nevada web site and in a folder on the pool deck. Appendix B shows an example of a properly filled out SAMMS card. Some critical points to remember are:

  • The swimmer must have a valid "USS Number." The number is acquired when you register with USS. The typical USS number is MMDDYYAAABCCCC, where:
    • MMDDYY = the birthday of the swimmer
    • AAA = 1st three letters of first name
    • B = middle initial
    • CCCC = first four letters of last name
    If you are new to USA Swimming and have not received your USS registration number, enter "Pending" instead of the number. Bring the USS registration card to the meet.


  • CCA is a member of Sierra Nevada Swimming. Fill in SNX, where X = the last digit of the year.
  • The team's id is "CCA".
  • A swimmer's age is determined by their age on the first day of the meet.
  • Have your child work with their coach to determine which events are appropriate.


  • The entry time should be determined by using the fastest time achieved by swimmer at an USA Swimming sanctioned event. Please consider the following:
    • For a new season, use the fastest time achieved at the end of the same, last season. Do not convert times.
    • Do not use "No Time." Ask your child's coach for an "estimated time" if you do not have a time for the event.

Once the entry card is complete, follow the instructions on the meet sheet regarding the fees for the events and the splash fee. You are not required to enter or pay for relays. The coaching staff enters relay events. Mail the entry card with a check for the entry fees to the address given on the meet sheet by the designated date.

Team Suits/Uniform
All swimmers are required to wear the team suit and team cap, in good condition, at all meets. The team suit is a solid navy blue Speedo suit. Team suits are available at the NorCal Swim Shop located in Roseville on 120 Sunrise Blvd., 916-771-7946, . Norcal also sells the team warm-up, team parka, swim bags, goggles, caps, and other swimming accessories. Other team apparel such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc is available through the CCA Swim Shop.