Does my child need to be a student at Latin to be on the Chicago Latin Swim Club?

No. The swim club is open to anyone. We have swimmers from all over the Chicagoland area. Frances Xavier Wards, British School, Sacred Heart, Ahshe Emet Day School, Francis Parker, Chicago City Day, Latin, Immaculate Conception, Lincoln Elementary and University of Chicago Lab School are some of our most well represented schools on the club team. 


What does my child have to do in a try out?

For a swim team try out, we ask each child to swim 25 yards freestyle with side breathing, 25 yards backstroke, and 25 yards flutter kick with a kickboard. Breaststroke and Butterfly are not required, however, we would love to see them if they know how to swim those strokes.

If your child has been on another swim club previously, we would still like to see them in the water so we can place them in the appropriate group. If they have competed in meets before, seeing some recent times would also be helpful to us in terms of proper placement. 


Do we have to try out at the start of each season?

No, once you have completed a try our and made it on the team, you are welcome to rejoin each season simply by filling out that season's registration form by the given deadline. 


Does my child need to purchase a team suit and cap?

If your swimmer will be competing in swim meets, we ask that they purchase the team suit and cap so that they will be in “uniform” at the meets. If you swimmer is not quite ready to compete in swim meets, they are welcome to purchase the team suit and cap to wear in practice, but it is not required. More information about teams caps and suits will be given to parents about ordering such items at the beginning of each season. 


How many times a week is my swimmer required to attend practice?

The club does not have a strict policy that we enforce understanding that children are involved in a number of other activities. However, we strongly recommend that swimmers come to as many practices as possible understanding that the more a swimmer attends practice, the faster they will improve. The coaches do take attendance each day and will take attendance into consideration when deciding whether or not to move a swimmer up to a more difficult group, or to enter them in a swim meet.


When will my child begin competing in swim meets?

Swimmers are entered in swim meets on a case-by-case basis. The child’s coach will consider the child’s attendance, their age, the legality of their four stokes and their endurance. USA swim meets are often big and extremely overwhelming for new swimmers. As coaches, we want to be 100% sure the athlete is ready before they are entered in their first meet. 


What if my swimmer does a tryout and does not make the team?

If a child does a tryout and is not ready for the team, the coach conducting the tryout will tell the parent the specific areas the child needs to improve in in order to make the team. From there, we encourage the swimmers to do some more lessons and come back in the future for another tryout. The Latin School has a Learn to Swim Program on Saturdays that is a good place to practice skills needed to be ready for the swim team.

You can find more information about the Learn To Swim Program Here: