Team Apparel

2021 Suits, Apparel and Gear!

Team suits are not required, but highly encouraged for all swimmers because it promotes team spirit and it helps coaches, teammates and families identify Lakeridge swimmers during swim meets.  There are also several options for Lakeridge apparel and gear, including parkas as a new item this year.  Below is the link for ordering suits, apparel and gear.  Also attached below is a size chart for apparel. 

Lakeridge swim caps are available for purchase at the pool.  All swimmers should wear a cap during races and are encouraged to wear a cap during practice, especially with long hair.  Swimmers can only race in a Lakeridge swim cap or solid color cap with no logo or design, except brand.  

Lakeridge Seattle - Teams - D&J Sports (

Lakeridge Size Charts[12826].pdf