Lifeguard Training


The Jimmy Floyd Center is excited to offer you American Red Cross Lifeguarding classes in a Blended Learning format.  Blended learning combines online learning with on-site skills sessions where you will practice skills and demonstrate competency.  Please plan to complete the initial online lessons of your training at least 3 days prior to your first on-site skills session.

Once you register on-line with the Jffc, you will be contacted via e-mail with instructions to obtain the online learning portion of the class with the American Red Cross. To register with the Jffc go back to the home page, scroll down, and click on the arrow to open the drop down menu then click register. The email you register with is the same email we will email the link to the online learning portion.

Each participant must take and pass a swimming skills evaluation.  If you would like to take the prerequisite swimming skills evaluation prior to signing up for the class, please call 453-4545 ext 6109 for Alex 6108 for Will  to schedule a time.  Each participant must be able to perform a 300 yard continuous swim using the front crawl, and the breaststroke.  They must also be able to swim a distance of 20 yards carrying a 10 pound brick using their legs only, and exit the water without using a ladder or steps.