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2018 Long Course Store Opening

Store Opening planned for early May

(* LSSC opens store for one week only for members to make required and additional team gear and apparel purchases. This allows for faster production and delivery time.

                                 LSSC Team Store                                                                             


                    click photo above to visit store

Dear LSSC Swimmers & Parents,

     We are pleased to announce our own team store is now open.  The schedule will be in the months of MAY for LCM and in SEPTEMBER for SCY season with one short opening in NOVEMBER  (Holiday 6 days only).   For the past year Coach Kiely has been working with numerous team vendors to find the perfect match for our needs.  We have now launched our team store that will provide all the convenient and most favorable pricing for our members.  Here you will find training gear, team caps, team suit and our team warm ups, along with apparel for parents.

Please note a few items are not provide through the team store but are offered and coordinanted by our club directly for our members.  These items will be announced to team at start of LCM & SCY seasons.

Please note:
* Team Store open for limited time so group order is placed and delivered by arrival date.
* FINIS is our team sponsor.  We benefit with price reductions on gear & suits purchased through team store.  FINIS Backpacks are the team backpack moving forward.  They will be the required backpack for team members.  When a backpack is purchased our local embroider will then place the team logo and swimmers last name on backpack.  The embroidery fee (approximate $15-20) is not include in store pricing and will be placed on swimmers account.

*Our team suit & team silicone cap with name is a required purchase.  

* We are making changes to suit with FINIS and information will be out shortly. 

THe club purchases additional silicone & latex team cap without names  for swimmers who lose or have damaged their personal cap.  They can be purchased directly from team.  Simply request a cap from Coach Kiely at any time and account will be billed $15.00 for silicone $12.00 for latex

*  Please note:  Currently our FINIS vendor as of  Nov 2017 is reworking our team suit design and set up and files with a new suit producer.  We will be able to offer LSSC suits this MAY 2018  *Competitive suits  are cut different than training suits.  They should be fitted tight, but please note returns are not possible for custom suit orders.

     The future: Please make suggestions if you feel we should offer additional items for swimmers or parents.  .
     All our branded items may be worn during short course yard season as well as when team must represent the Y in short course competition.  During short course season our members may swim in LSSC suits.
     We hope you find the store convenient, and note all items are at discounted pricing.    All purchase made through store are paid directly to the store vendor online and not to LSSC.  Delivery cost are not included as vendor will deliver in bulk all items directly to pool deck on delivery date.  Coaches will hand out to swimmers on that day.

Best Regards
Coach Kiely