NC Parent Section

Q: What is my role as part of NC Swimming & Diving??

A: You will serve in several capacities as a NC Swim & Dive parent. 

  • Support and care for your child is your primary job. Providing unconditional love and support, no matter the outcome of a meet or level of performance. Emotional support when necessary. The coaching staff will take care of practice & race critique. 
  • Transportation- either driving your swimmer to and from practice or arranging another responsible party to drive your swimmer or diver.
  • Diet and sleep-  be the watch-dog for your swimmer particularly for sleep. Your swimmer or diver needs to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night every night, on a consistent basis. This may be challenging given away meets, morning practices, academic demands, etc. As much as any other facet, our sport will teach TIME MANAGEMENT.
  • Volunteer needs for the team! It takes the metaphorical village to operate the machine of NC Swimming & Diving. Most of our parent needs come from running our meets/competitions. Timers, head timers, computer operators, announcers, etc. Most positions don't require any training or only require a brief shadow with an experienced parent. Many of our other needs center on providing meals for our athletes, some social functions, Senior Night, and light publicity. Your swimmer or diver puts in A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT to the sport. Nothing says "I support you" better than volunteering-- your swimmer/diver knows you are there for his or her team!


Q:How does my child become part of the team?

A: There are a few steps to joining the team:

  • Be academically eligible per the rules of North Central High School. This means having at least a 2.0 GPA in 5 classes or more for that current semester.
  • Current IHSAA physical on file along with all necessary HIPPA forms.
  • Turn in the team registration form
  • Get sized for your team suit and any optional warm ups
  • Pay the Required Fee in full. The fees go to the general Activity Fund (team parties, senior night, sectional, regional, and state team events for the athletes, etc), Swim Suit, and Meals.
  • Swimmers and Divers must be fully registered and payed by the 10th day of the start of the season. Specific dates are on the calendar for each gender.

Q: Where do I get sized for my swim suit?

A: Two places. 1) At NC during our first parent/swimmer call-out meeting, which usually precedes the opening of the season or 2) at Kastaway Swimwear, a competitive swimming gear store located directly across the street from NCHS.

Q: How do I know when the first parent/swimmer call-out meeting is?

A: Several different ways. 1) Look on this website in the News Section in August and September 2) Have your child pay attention to the school announcements for the Swim and Dive Call-Out meetings (note the coaches hold a brief student only "Call-Out" immediately after school in early fall- at this first Call-out all the other dates are sent home in a calendar) 3) Use the Contact Us link to the left to send a message to the Coaching Staff

Q: Tell me more about the IHSAA physical requirement?