Team Sponsors

Video/Photographer -  Individual takes pictures and video during the season and puts together an end of year DVD for the team. (6 assignments) 

Officials, Timers & Runners - Individual coordinates the activities of 3 official judge volunteers for each of the swim meets: a) turn judge, b) stroke judge and c) back-up judge.  Individual and all officials must attend the officials’ clinic, scheduled before the first swim meet. Individual also coordinates activities with 9 timers, 2 runners, and 1 timer backup, works two meets as an official and shall report to the Vice President. (6 assignments)

Scoring & Ribbons  – Organizes the children's place ribbons and places them in swimmer’s folder at close of meet, coordinates with scoring volunteer for each of the meets to validate places, puts personal best cards in folders and inputs times with the computer person and shall report to the Vice President. (6 assignments each)

Concessions - Individuals plans, purchases and organizes food & beverages for sale during home meets.  Individuals’ works with the concession volunteers to make sure concessions are set up before meets and taken down at the close of the meet. Individuals will monitor all sales activities to ensure that a proper accounting of concession revenues are recorded and reconciled at the end of each meet, deliver proceeds to the Treasurer and shall report to the Vice President (6 assignments)

Banquet, Awards, Publicity & Records - Individual coordinates all facets of the banquet preparation including banquet date,  facility rental , food & drink vendor selection, menu, set up and tear down and attendance. Individual shall work with Scoring & Ribbons Chairperson to determine awards, order and ensure accuracy of actual award hardware, shall coordinate the awards presentation at year end banquet  After each home meet, individual shall document and write a short summary of any outstanding individual efforts to be sent to the RRR Webmaster and local newspapers for publication. Individual shall also update the Records Board, trophy case and bulletin board at the River Run Club when any swimmer has broken a standing record and shall report to the Vice President. (6 assignments)

Computers - Individuals maintains the swimmers database and works closely with the Secretary, the Website Chairperson and the Head Coach to ensure that auto-seeding is completed and record keeping is properly maintained.  Individual shall submit swim data to the Naperville Park District Swim Conference and shall report to the Vice President (6 assignments)

Volunteer Coordinator - Individual prepares and coordinates all volunteer schedules, ensures that volunteers work as assigned at meets, verifies that all families fulfill their volunteer obligations and shall report to the Vice President.  (6 assignments)

Social -  Individuals, working with the Treasurer, organizes the theme party, Pep Rally, and Parent Board Meeting Socials and reports to the Vice President (6 assignments)

Marshall/Clerk of Course - Up to 3 individuals shall obtain heat sheets from Computer Chairs, gather the swimmers as the event line-up is announced, inform swimmers of their heat number and lane number, maintain bullpen and event boards and direct the swimmers to the pool at the designated time.