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Swimming Levels

We offer a diversified program with various levels. The levels we offer will accommodate all swimmers from beginner to national-level qualifiers.

Below is more information about each level.

Please contact membership at [email protected] 

Bronze Group: This group is designed for novice swimmers who love the water and are new to a swim team. Training will focus on healthy habit building and teammate interaction while learning the technical aspects of all four strokes. In order to qualify for this group, the swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke (one length of the pool) without stopping and/or needing any assistance.


Silver Group: This group is designed for swimmers who are 8th grade or younger and have displayed repeated proficiency in all four strokes. The objectives of this group are to improve practice habits, master reading the pace clock and swimming sets with intervals, increase their general athleticism and aerobic endurance.  Swimmers in the Silver group will also be introduced to short and long-term goal setting and how to use those goals to hold themselves accountable and as motivation.  


Gold Group:  This group is designed for swimmers who are in 8th grade or lower, are proficient in all four strokes, and have demonstrated the ability to train consciously and with deliberate focus. Swimmers are expected to compete at multiple swim meets each season and will learn to connect their performances at those meets in developing their goals, practice habits, and mindset.


Pre-Senior This group is designed for swimmers who are in the 6th grade or lower, are goal oriented, and are ready for competition at Championship-level meets. To qualify for this group swimmers who are 10 and under must have at least 1 PNS Champs time standard; swimmers who are in the 11-14 age group must have at least 3 PNS Gold time standards. Swimmers are expected to have been introduced to advanced swimming techniques and training systems. Objectives of this group are to prepare athletes physically and mentally for the transition to the Senior Group.


Senior:   This group is designed for swimmers who are 13 years or older at the beginning of the training quarter, have the ability to understand and participate safely in advanced training techniques, and have displayed consistent, effective, and healthy communication and interactions with their teammates and coaches. Participation in swim meets is expected, as well as leading through example and the willingness to be of service to their younger and/or less experienced teammates.


*Swim practice times are subject to change as they are affected by pool events (e.g. high school practices/meets). Practice schedules are posted on our website, 


**Participation in competitive swim meets is optional but encouraged for Bronze and Silver group swimmers. Participation is expected for Gold, Pre-Senior and Senior group swimmers. High school swimmers, competition is optional but highly encouraged especially for UPAC home meets.

Costs:  $156.00 annual registration fee ($81.00 for USA Swimming + $75.00 for UPAC). Monthly dues are due by the 1stof each month and are NOT pro-rated for partial months. 


Dues are as follows:

  • $75/month for Bronze
  • $100/month for Silver
  • $150/month for Gold
  • $180/month for Pre-Senior
  • $200/month for Senior