Parent Resources
Be supportive; be positive. The program philosophy, policies and practices as stated in this handbook are
established by the Head Coach and carried out by the Crimson Aquatics coaching staff. It is essential to the
program’s success that parents of Crimson Aquatics swimmers establish a framework of positive and
enthusiastic support, publicly and at home. Remember this is a team. Each parent must realize that it is not possible to design a program that appeals in every aspect to every member. Coaches make decisions
about the program based on their experience and understanding of what is in the best interest of the entire team.
Be your swimmer’s number one fan. Pressure to succeed, applied directly or indirectly by a parent, is a
substantial impediment to a swimmer’s ability to perform well. This pressure may create a great deal of anxiety
and “fear of failure” that makes it more difficult for the athlete to develop. It is important that parents encourage their children to honor their program commitments, but performance expectations must be administered by the coach. Parents who encourage their swimmer(s) to commit and persevere, who praise them in their victories and support them in their defeats, will contribute greatly to their success. Parents must also appear to support the coaches in all coaching matters. Any concerns should be expressed privately to the coach, since any attempt by a parent to discredit the coach could render the coach ineffective in working with their child.