BCCHS Swim Team

​Birmingham Water Polo & Swim Teams


*Please be sure to get your Athlete forms done with your physical, on athleticclearance.com

You must bring a completed WAIVER, signed by your parents to enter the pool. Kezman posted the WAIVER on google classroom.   Please arrive with your swimsuits and masks on. Locker rooms are closed.  No spectators, parents or relatives are allowed on the pool deck to watch or wait.

CONDITIONING - Thursday/Friday, Nov.19 & 20

Group 1:  3:30-4:50pm

Carlos Tadeo, Emily Hernandez, Andres Duran,

Jacob Torres, Ashley Grande, Angel Gonzales, Alicia

Rodriguez, Terrilyn Slaton, Jason Amaya, 

Sebastian Salas

Pearl: Valeria Negev


Group 2:  5:00-6:20pm

Manny Lopez, Angel Rodriguez, Victor Ruiz, Rebecca Aviles-Barahona, Natalie Castillo, Andres Estrada, Audrina Murphy,  Valeria Yermejev, Samantha Barrera, J.P. Hartman 


Pearl:  Mia Sanchez, C.J. Gorospe, Ryan Nevsky