Time Standards



Age Group Regional & State Times

Notes: “A” standards represent qualifying standard for AzSI State Championship meet;     “B” standards represent qualifying standards for AzSI Junior Olympic Meets. Each set of times standards includes all ages, 10 & under, 11 & 12 and 13 & 14.


2018-2019 Senior Championship Time Standards (SCY & LCM)

Any Arizona/USA Swimming registered athlete 15 years or older who has met the current Arizona Swimming Senior State Qualifying Times to attend Senior State Championships.  These time standards include Short & Long Course.


Senior Championship Time Standards (Qualifying Times) (updated 1/23/2017)


Note: **Bonus events:  If an athlete qualifies for one state qualifying time then that athlete will be allowed to swim two bonus swim as long as they have the bonus times in those events.  If an athlete qualifies for two state qualifying times then that athlete will be allowed two bonus in those events; three State qualifying times can swim one bonus in those events.  If an athlete has four or more state qualifying times they will not be allowed any bonus swims.

Senior Championship Bonus Time Standards ** (updated 1/23/2017)

15-18 Junior Olympic Time Standards (updated 1/23/2017)


*Time standards effective September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2020.   While it is the intention  that these standards will be applicable through 2020 they will be reexamined annually.