2020 Practice Schedule

Afternoon practices begin Monday, May 11th.

Morning practices begin Friday, May 22nd. 

Parents of 6 & under swimmers are required to remain on deck during all practices. Younger siblings on deck must be supervised at all times and may not use the baby pool or play on the steps of the pool during practice. Older swimmers may be dropped off, but they will only be supervised during their practice times. Please be sure to go over your family rules and expectations regarding playground use, tree climbing, the lake, etc. before dropping swimmers off. 

Parents should remain in the seating area during practices and should refrain from interacting with their children and coaches during practice. Specific questions or concerns should be addressed before or after practice or through email.


Practice Times:

Monday, May 11th—Friday, May 15th and

Monday, May 18th—Wednesday, May 20th

4:30--5 pm          6 & unders (and 7-8s who cannot swim a full lap of freestyle and backstroke)

5--5:30 pm          7-8 year olds

5:30--6:00 pm     9 & 10 year olds

6:00--6:45 pm    11 & 12 year olds

6:45–7:30 pm      13 & over


Friday, May 22nd—Wednesday, June 24th. No practice on Thursday, May 21st and Monday, May 25th.

8:30--9:15 am     9-10    (and experienced 7-8s with coach permission)  

9:15--9:45 am     7-8

9:45--10:15 am    6 & under

10:15--11 am       11 & over

7--8 pm     Mon--Wed for 9 and over swimmers who can swim consecutive laps and were unable to make it to morning practice. Only 3 lanes are available to the team at this time, so morning practice is encouraged. 


Championship practice:

Thursday, June 25th

8 and under: 9--9:45 am

9 and over: 9:45--10:30 am