Tonya Turner Carroll, mom of Finn Carroll

Santa Fe Aquatic Club has been the single most positive experience in my 10 year old child’s life, and I anticipate that SFAC will always remain in his mind the most influential group, (really family), as he looks back at his life after becoming an adult.

My son started swimming with Coach Lois and Coach Atiba just after the elementary school swim meet when he was 8 years old. They made practices so inspiring, and hard work so fun, that they transformed him from a kid who barely knew two strokes, to a swimmer who qualified for the NM State Championship swim meet, after just two months of swimming with them. Not only did they coach my son with precision; they also figured out how to reach him as an individual, and inspire him to be his very best self, both in the pool and as a human being. Through individual, small step goal setting, and helping him achieve small success after small success, he became a confident and determined swimmer. Within one year of beginning SFAC, with no previous training, Coach Lois and Atiba helped him achieve his goal of making 2 Western Zones times, which allowed him to compete against the top swimmers in 17 Western states. In only two years of swimming with these incredible coaches, he was able to become the NM state champion in both back stroke events.

It is a privilege for any child to be coached by these coaches, and it is incredibly rare to find individuals who are such amazing role models for children. They teach children that they can make their own dreams come true, with hard work, fun, goal setting, and determination. If you would like to help your own child make their dreams come true and be inspired toward excellence by these Olympic level athletes, you will be proud to have them swim with SFAC.