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Arranging a team training camp on your own can be hard work. There’s the work involved in finding a pool, booking a hotel, and arranging transportation. Then there’s the work involved in promoting the camp within your team and making sure your camp runs smoothly and problem free.

The Santa Fe Aquatic Club can help to eliminate most of your work and worry! Think of us as your team manager. We’ll work with you, every step of the way to make sure that your total camp experience is a great one!

With just one call you can arrange your pool time, hotel, group transportation, even your meals. We’ll even help you with airline reservations and plan social events for your team.

To help you get started we’ve put together some useful information and helpful hints designed to get your camp planning off to a fast start!

10 Steps to Planning a Team Training Camp

  1. Select one of our camp packages then call the airlines or bus company to check on price and seat availability. Find out if you can tentatively book a block of seats (or bus). Each airline and bus company have different policies.

  2. Make a list of those swimmers eligible to attend the camp. You may need to develop a criteria first.

  3. Present your training camp idea to your board (if necessary).

  4. Send out a promotional letter to the parents of all eligible swimmers. Include a copy of 10 good reasons why a team training camp makes great sense.

  5. Put up a promotional display of the camp where everyone in the club can see it. Include a picture of the pool and the hotel. The display will help generate interest, enthusiasm and support.

  6. Ask a parent to help you with the organization of the camp. Ask for a good faith non-refundable deposit. The deposit should cover the cost of booking your camp with us $200.00(US) per person as well as whatever the airline or bus company requires. Pass out medical forms to be completed and set a deadline for final payment. We require total payment 30 days prior to the start of your camp. Consult the airlines or bus company for their payment requirements.

  7. Host an information meeting for the parents of all eligible swimmers. Be sure to have additional promotional material available at the meeting. We’ll be happy to supply you with whatever you need.

  8. Call to confirm your reservation with us and the airline or bus company. By now the airline will probably want an official list of names.

  9. Send us your rooming list complete with your non refundable deposit. Your deposit is required before we can guarantee your reservation. We accept checks and money orders.

  10. Send out a second more detailed letter to the parents of all eligible swimmers. Include flight times arrival/departure, hotel address, phone number, a what to bring list, the proper ID required for customs, etc. The letter should also include a reminder that the balance of payment is now due.

10 Good Reasons Why a Team Training Camp Makes Great Sense!

  1. A team training camp is a great team builder

  2. A team training camp can help swimmers get psyched up for an upcoming meet or new season.

  3. A team training camp gives swimmers, who don’t get to train long course, an opportunity to train long course.

  4. A team training camp makes it easier for swimmers to focus on their swimming. That’s because they’re free from the day to day distractions of home.

  5. A team training camp can get swimmers in great shape in a hurry.

  6. A team training camp helps to breakup the season and gives swimmers something to look forward to.

  7. A team training camp is a great reward for swimmers who train hard all season long.

  8. A team training camp is a great learning experience. The experience swimmers gain from a team training camp will pay off now and well into the future.

  9. A team training camp gives the coach more quality time to spend with each individual swimmer.

  10. A team training camp is a whole lot of fun!