Championship Teams

The 2021 HHSC Summer Championship Team

updated; 6/13/21


Qualifying Periods and Age Up Dates
Championship Meet Being Held on... Qualifying Period Age Up Date
Divisional Championships July 30 - August 1 1/1/19 - 7/29/2021 7/29/21
Age Group State Championships July 23 - July 25 1/1/19 - 7/22/2021 7/22/2021
Senior State Championships July 15 - July 18 1/1/19 - 8/15/21  

Y next to Best Time indicates time achieved in Short Course Yards
L next to Best Time indicates time achieved in Long Course Meters
L next to Best Time indicates time achieved as the lead off swimmer in a relay

Divisional Team:

Emily Bantsolas

Jamie Briggs

Lilly Davis

Syx Diorio

Tommy Fusnar

Aaliyah Harb

Bibi Harb

Cali Harb

Malik Harb

Prince Harb

Peyton Krygier

Rylie Kolodziej

Inara Hook

Erin Kowal

Jacob Kowal

Kenadie Kowal

Max Kubon

Addysen Jakubowicz 

Claire LaBadie

Avian Maiden

Lysette Maiden

Nathalia Munoz

Sofija Micic

Ayden Nieves

Mallory Otto

Jordan Perkins

Liam Piccirlli

Zachary Piech

Freddy Robinson III

Nico Sanchez

Amelia Sines

Alex Smith

Kaitlin Smith

Antiono Thompson

Natalie Willette

Ethan Wisler

Wren Weinberg


State Team:

Natalie Bantsolas

Braeden Briggs

Paul Martinez

Hunter Sines

Emily Smith


Senior State Team:

Josh Bey