Swim Meets

Swim Meet Information

All swimmers who can independently swim a lap of freestyle without holding onto the lane rope are eligible to participate in weekly meets on Thursday afternoons. Meets will take place either at the Edenwilde pool or at another local pool. Swimmers are encouraged to participate in every meet; however, 6 & unders often need several weeks (or a second season) to be ready for meet participation. 

Again in 2020, parents will be required to declare their swimmer's availability for each meet 7 days prior to the meet. This is done on the Team Unify web site by clicking on the "Events" tab, then "Edit Commitment", then each swimmer's name, then "Declare" and choose "Yes" or "No." Creating the weekly meet line-up is a very time-consuming and challenging process for our coaches, so please help them out by committing your swimmers on time and emailing the head coach with any changes after the deadline.

Please have your swimmers at the meets in time for warm-ups. We encourage families to carpool or walk to meets when possible, as parking is usually limited. Allow time to park and walk; sometimes away meet parking extends well beyond the pool. Away meets: Please arrive by 4:30 pm for 4:45 pm warm ups.  Home meets: Please arrive by 4:00 pm for 4:15 pm warm ups.

Parents are responsible for supervising their children during meets. Swimmers will spend most of the meets in the bullpen area with others in their age group, but help with supervision is always needed! Please ensure that swimmers are in the bullpen area well before their events so that the bullpen volunteers can line them up. 

We rely on parent volunteers to run our meets, and there are many roles to fill. All families are required to volunteer for the meets in which their children participate. Please speak with Whitney Keeble if you have a special situation.

What to bring to a meet: team suit, team cap, team t-shirt (with name written on the tag!), goggles, several towels, sunscreen, activities to pass the time between races such as a deck of cards. Most teams provide a concessions stand, but you can also bring your own healthy snacks and drinks. Please keep your swimmers and yourselves hydrated during meets!

Meet Preparation: It is helpful if 10 and under swimmers arrive with their first and last names written on their top left shoulders/backs with a Sharpie marker. They should also have a grid listing their events on their inside forearm. The list of events will be made available on the day of the meet. Following is an example of a swimmer's events and how to mark them on the his/her arm:

E     H     L

4      1      3  (MR (2) br

26    1      3  50 fr

58    1      3   25 br

78    1      3   FR (4)