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WECSSAA Swimming 2018

SWOSSAA Swimming 2018

OFSSA 2018 - Convenors & Meet Managers

Convenors and Meet Managers, below, you will find a Hy-Tek Meet Manager database back-up that I would ask you use as the basis for your meet.  This will streamline the entry import process for myself and eliminate many of the problems that come up during the extraction/import process.

The database is set up with only the OFSSA events only.  For those regions who have use the Midget division, or other events other than the official events, I would ask that you put these events in a different event number series (like the 200s).  DO NOT RE-NUMBER THE OFSSA EVENTS!  

The meets events are set up for a 10-lane pool (Lanes 0-9) with prelims and finals.  You are able to change all these details to match your pool.  AGAIN .... DO NOT RENUMBER THE OFSSA EVENTS!

I will need all regions databases by Sunday, Feb 25.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at ofsaa.swimming.entries@gmail.com.

OFSSA 2018 - SWOSSAA Coaches

Coaches, please take a look at the following documents to ensure that your entry is correct.  The most important document to look at is the exceptions report.  All corrections need to be forwarded to ofsaa.swimming.entries@gmail.com.

  • Entries by Event
  • Entries by Team
  • Entry Summary
  • Exceptions