Parent Commitment

Crocodiles Families Volunteer

The parents are the backbone of our swim team. Our family volunteers ensure successful swim meets, fun-filled events, and happy swimmers (not to mention happy coaches).

Parent/Family Participation Required

A  deposit, made by check, should be brought during the 1st day of practice. Upon completion of all jobs at the end of the season, your check will be returned or destroyed.

If the Parent Volunteer requirements are not met your check will be cashed at the end of the season.

Volunteer Requirements

The two items below must be completed in order to have your deposit returned.

  1. 70 points earned by performing volunteer jobs throughout the season
  2. 1 job per family at the Championship Meet (unless you do not have a swimmer competing at the Championship Meet).

If your swimmer(s) do not participate in one or more dual meets, you must still complete the minimum numbers of points by performing volunteer jobs. Please contact the meet directors if you have questions or concerns. 

Job Sign-up and Swimmer Declaration

To sign up for jobs and tell the coaches whether or not your swimmer is attending the meets, visit the Events tab and click on "Job Signup" and "Edit Commitment" for each meet.