Parameters for 2020 ODSL Season

Preseason practices

May 26, 28 and June 2, 4

LCPS out on June 10

Time Trials 6/11 AM

Meet Schedule

June 13 - Bye

June 17 Meet 1, June 20 Meet 2, June 24 Meet 3, June 27 Meet 4, July 1 Meet 5, July 8 Meet 6

July 11 - Bye

July 18 Divisionals

July 25 All Stars

Practice Schedule (detailed spreadsheet to follow)

M, T, Th 8:45-10:45am, F 8:45-10:15am

Once school gets out River Creek, No minis. 7:15-8pm M,T,Th

    $220 (per swimmer) for residents, $220 (per swimmers) for non residents

Multi swimmer discount (Reg 2 swimmers $10 discount, Reg 3 swimmers $20 discount...etc)

(Ages 5 - 18, must be able to complete 1 length of the pool unaided. This group of swimmers will train for endurance, be taught stroke technique of all four strokes (Free, Back, Breast and Butterfly) and learn the ins and outs of swimming on a swim team.)

Outfitting details will be posted soon. Required outfitting will be a suit, cap and t-shirt.

Other than some contributions to do coaches gifts or food for a team party at the end of the season, that is it in terms of expenses.

Meets are Saturday mornings (warm up around 7/meet starts at 8am) and Wednesday evenings (warm up around 5/meet starts at 6pm).

Practice time will be divided up by age group depending on the demographics of enrollment. Older swimmers (10 and up) go earliest.

10:20-10:45 am Mini Otters M,T and Th 

Evening practices for swimmers at camps and with two working parent families will be held M,T and Th evenings at River Creek Pool from 7:15 - 8:00pm. It should be noted that coming to morning practices some of the mornings really helps with the "team" experience.

We will have a few practices between Memorial Day and when school gets out. Still working on the final schedule.


The fees are the same for all swim team members and Minis.