2021 Information

Final Version of the Summer Schedule


Otter families, future Otters and prior season Otters - 

 We have been given permission and granted access to run an Old Dominion Swim League swim team at Stratford this summer. This is very exciting as we cannot wait to have the opportunity to involve your swimmers in something fun in the neighborhood that is fun, safe and enriching! We have a large part of the coaching staff (that we know of (Hannah, Molly, Samantha and Lizzy Hondel so far…) returning...they are really set to go and excited for the season to begin.

This last year at my year round team we have had many opportunities to develop protocols and run both practices and meets that have been safe and fun. A few things you should know about COVID and the pool deck…


  1. Masks must be worn at all times by swimmers, coaches, parents and volunteers, except the swimmers when they are in the water. Each swimmer will have a small ziplock bag, carry that poolside and to their starting position, take off their mask and put it in the bag before they swim. After their practice or race, they will put the mask back on.
  2. We will have hand sanitizer available at all practices and meets
  3. Social distance guidelines (6 feet) will be maintained in and out of the pool. There are models we have used from USA Swimming to keep this distance between the kids, even while they are in the water. The pool and chlorine have proven nationwide to be a very safe place for kids. These guidelines are easily adapted by the kids and will be followed by all.
  4. Change rooms will be used for emergencies only. All swimmers are advised to “do their business” prior to coming to the pool and to arrive already changed into their suits.
  5. Water bottles are allowed but they must be prefilled before coming to practice. 
  6. Meets will be 2 a week, against the same team. The league is asking a team to divide the age groups and swim ½ of the meet on Wed and ½ of the meet on Sat. Not sure how this will work but as soon as we get everyone enrolled, we will have a better idea.
  7. Below is what we know...please read it carefully and let mw know if you have any questions. I did open up the email list to get in touch with previous season Otters just because we have no idea which teams are able to field a viable group and which are not. All are welcome!

I will open registration tomorrow. If you are coming back, please register now. If you are not sure, go ahead and register (payment is by check anyway) and send me an email with your personal situation. My goal is to have our roster (including maybes) by May 1st. 


Parameters for 2021 ODSL Season 
Preseason practices
 June 1, 3, 8, 10,15 and 17 after school hours

LCPS out on June 15

Time Trials 6/12 AM

Meet Schedule

  • June 16/19 - No Meet
  • Meet 2/A June 23, Meet 2/B June 26
  • League Wide Break No Meets June 30 or July 3
  • Meet 3/A July 7, Meet 3/B July 10
  • Meet 4/A July 14, Meet 4/B July 17
  • Meet 5/A July 21, Meet 5/B July 24

For the 2021 Season No Divisionals

July 31 All Stars (Qualifying Meet)

Each Team will swim the same teams during one week. Ages will be split Wed night/Sat morning to keep the number of swimmers on deck to social distance guidelines.

Practice Schedule (detailed spreadsheet to follow)
M, T, Th 8:45-10:45am, F 8:45-10:15am
We will not be accessing the River Creek Pool this year for evening practices.

$195 (per swimmer) for residents, $220 (per swimmers) for non residents
Includes team t-shirt, please fill out current size on your registration. Team suit will remain unchanged.

Multi swimmer discount (Reg 2 swimmers $10 discount, Reg 3 swimmers $20 discount...etc)

(Ages 5 - 18, must be able to complete 1 length of the pool unaided. This group of swimmers will train for endurance, be taught stroke technique of all four strokes (Free, Back, Breast and Butterfly) and learn the ins and outs of swimming on a swim team.)

  • Outfitting details will be posted soon. Required outfitting will be a suit, cap and t-shirt.
  • Other than some contributions to do coaches gifts or food for a team party at the end of the season, that is it in terms of expenses.
  • Meets are Saturday morning (warm up around 7/meet starts at 8am) and Wednesday evenings (warm up around 5/meet starts at 6pm).
  • Practice time will be divided up by age group depending on the demographics of enrollment. Older swimmers (10 and up) go earliest.
  • No mini Otters this year. If we have enough interest, the coaches may organize a mini type program for the community. 
  • We will have a few practices between Memorial Day and when school gets out. Still working on the final schedule to be compliant with COVID guidelines.