Code of Conduct

Hills Hurricane Swimming Code of Conduct

People participating in association with Hills Hurricane Swimming, including swimmers, parents, family, and their guests are responsible for upholding strong team values at swim sites, team gatherings, and anywhere you wear team gear.  Following The Hills Swim and Tennis Club Policies will set a good foundation for strong sportsmanship, representation, and teamwork; those policies are attached to this document. Team members must adhere to them at all times or be subject to club/team disciplinary action.  
In addition to the club policies, swim team members must follow the protocol listed below.

* Swimmers are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship before, during, and after practices and meets.

* As a safety precaution, swimmers under driving age will not be allowed to exit practice early without PRIOR notification via email from the swimmer’s parent to the coach. Swimmers who drive themselves should inform the coach when they need to exit practice early.

* Swimmers are NOT allowed to wait outside of the club facility for their parents.  Swimmers must wait inside the lobby area until their parents have arrived.
* Swimmers, parents, and their guests shall respect and show courtesy to teammates and coaches at all times.  Foul language and gestures may lead to disciplinary action.

* Swimmers who exhibit sexist, racist or inappropriate behavior towards another person will be excused from the practice or meet and will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the head coach. Be respectful of your teammates’ feelings and personal space.

* Any coach at any time has the authority to ask a swimmer to exit the pool for disciplinary reasons.

* If a parent/swimmer has a problem with a coach, the first course of action is to discuss the problem with that coach.  If the problem escalates or can’t be resolved in this manner, the parent/swimmer is to take the issue up with the head coach, who will help to resolve any issues.

* Swimmers responsible for destruction of locker rooms or pool/deck furniture, or theft of property, will be held accountable according to club policy.

* Swimmers who are ill with contagious viruses and severe open wounds are not allowed to enter the water.

* A swimmer who is injured at practice or a meet must immediately report the injury to his/her coach.

* Swimmers cannot acquire additional instruction without their coach’s approval.

* Swimmers must attend at least THREE practices the week before each meet unless the swimmer has made a special arrangement with the coach. The coach has the right to scratch a swimmer from a meet if the swimmer has not been excused for his/her absences prior to the meet.

* Swimmers are to be on time and ready to get in the water for practice and meet warm-ups. [Be prepared to swim.] Swimmers should have their equipment ready, including extra caps and goggles and any other equipment/clothing/gear required by the swimmer’s coach.  Swimmers who repeatedly arrive late (to practices or meets) and without prior permission from the coach are subject to disciplinary action.
* Swimmers are responsible for properly checking in to practices and swim meets.
* During meets, swimmers must check postings (heat and lane assignments) and report them to their coach. Swimmers must be behind their blocks prior to their race.  A swimmer who is not behind the block before his/her race will be subject to consequences pre-determined by meet officials and team coaches. For example, depending on the meet sanctions, a swimmer could be subject to disqualification from the event and/or future events, removal from the meet, or fees.

* USA Swimming and Pacific Swimming is an organization of trained officiating volunteers. Meets are operated by volunteers. Swimmers and parents will be respectful and courteous to meet volunteers at all times.
* Questions or concerns regarding decisions made by meet officials are to be directed to a member of our coaching staff. Swimmers and parents should never confront an official or stroke and turn judge at a meet about a disqualification.

Specific Team Parent Rules

* Parents should support their swimmer(s) in attending practices regularly. If you are unsure of the practice schedule or requirements, check with your swimmer’s coach.

* Parents will not coach or instruct the team or any swimmer at a practice or meets (from the stands or any other area) or interfere with coaches on the pool deck.

* Parents should not address their swimmer or interrupt practice unless for an emergency or immediate safety concern, as this disrupts the entire group and focus of the practice session. During practice, parents are asked to wait a minimum of TWELVE feet from the pool edge and may view their swimmer from there.

* Parents must supervise non-swimming siblings during practice; in particular, please ensure there is no running on the pool deck (for safety reasons). Non-swimming children must be supervised by a responsible adult while attending any USA swimming-sanctioned activity.

* Parents are encouraged TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR CHILD’S COACH.  You can visit with the coaches after practice, or via email or a scheduled meeting. Please refrain from communicating with coaches during practice.
* Parents are expected to time and volunteer for jobs as needed by our team at swim meets. Some parents must train to be USA Swimming Stroke and Turn judges or Officials, as USA teams are required to provide officials for many meets.

* Parents are required to volunteer for activities and to participate in our team fundraising.
* Parents should remind their children of the club rules and policies regularly as well as general pool rules at swim meets.

* Parents should inform the coach of any other activities their child is participating in that involve rigorous physical activity in order to prevent injury, exhaustion, or illness. It is especially important to notify the head coach and coaching staff of any other swimming-related activity and/or weight training program. Hurricane swimmers under 14 should not participate in a weight-training program.

* Parents are encouraged to foster a cooperative community and environment by pitching in when there is a shortage of supervising parents. All swim-team affiliated adults should have an interest in the safety and well-being of all swimmers, not just their own.  As an example, please help with supervising swimmers before and after practice if they arrive early or have to wait to be picked up.

* Parents are asked to pick their children up promptly after practice. Remember that children must be under supervision at all times, including while waiting for rides.