For the 2019 season, each family will be required to sign up and work 5 regular jobs and 1 general pool job.  Family members 14 and over are eligible to help fulfill this commitment. Families will also need to work at any invitational meets and the classic and/or city championship meet at the end of the season; whichever meet your swimmer attends.  If you have more than one swimmer attending both meets, you may be required to work both meets, but we will do our best to schedule you for only one of the meets. The Board has a short list of 14 and over teen helpers. Please just ask us ahead if you need help with job coverage!

It is very important that every parent complete this commitment.  We cannot run a meet without the support of our parents.  Please remember, it is not fair to our children, other parents and the opposing team if you do not show up to your scheduled job.  We do understand that emergency situations arise, but it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Workers for the Racquet Club Girls Invite, Classic, and City meets will be assigned when worker requirements are received from the respective meet.  These meets do not count toward work credits.  If you have a swimmer(s) attending these meets you are considered eligible to work these meets.

No $50 job deposit checks are required as part of the swim team registration process this year.  If a job is not signed up for or worked, a $50 check must be submitted before the family's swimmers will be allowed to swim in another swim meet.

Descriptions of the jobs and times can be found in the Job Descriptions and Meet Job Info sections under the Jobs tab.  Please use the individual swim meet/event entries in the Swim Meet portion to sign up for jobs.

Parent Chairs receive job credits for the Parent Chair position, the number of credits for each Parent Chair position can be found in the Parent Chairs section under the Jobs tab.

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