Parent Jobs

Parent Job Responsibilities

Online Job Sign-Up Opens: Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 8:30am
Online Job Sign-Up Closes: Friday, May 27, 2022 at 11:59pm
Each family is required to work six (6) total jobs: 
5 regular jobs
1 general pool


Girls and/or Boys Invitational Meets (if you have a swimmer competing)
City and/or Classic Meets (if you have a swimmer competing)
Family members 15+ years are eligible to help fulfill this commitment. 
If you have more than one swimmer attending both Girls/Boy Invitational Meets or City/Classic Meets, you may be required to work both meets. We will do our best to schedule you for only one of the meets.
It is very important that every parent complete their job commitments. We cannot run a meet without the support of our parents. Please remember, it’s not fair to our children, other parents and the opposing team if you do not show up to your scheduled job. 
We do understand that emergencies arise, but it is your responsibility to find a replacement. The team will compile a list of teenagers willing to work your job(s) for a reasonable fee.  If you do not sign up of all of your jobs before the first practice, the team will assign jobs to you that you will be required to work.
Workers for the Girls and Boys Invitationals, High School Invitational, Classic and City Meets will be assigned when worker requirements are received from the respective meet. These meets do not count toward work credits. If you have a swimmer(s) attending these meets, you are considered eligible to work these meets.