The Crespi Pool is estimated to open Monday, October 26th.

There will be a Zoom orientation all parents and swimmers will be required to attend, to understand and learn the procedure everyone must follow at the pool with physical distancing and lane assignments with 2 swimmers per lane. The swimmers in the same lane will start at opposite ends of the pool; they will never be on the same wall at the same time.

On this website, go to SWIM MEETS, and click on TEAM FORMS to complete the new required forms.


Swimmers will not be permitted to show up any day they wish. There will be assigned days and times swimmers are locked into.

Swimmers will be assigned to small POD groups, to attend on certain days of the week.  Families with multiple swimmers will be placed at the same day and starting time.

Checking in at the pool entrance, everyone must be wearing masks. No mask, no entry. Do not come to the pool if you are not feeling well. If you have a fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste. Please STAY HOME, and contact your doctor.

There will be NO dryland activity at the pool. After the check in, swimmers will go directly to their lane assignment and which side of the pool, on either the North Side-near office/bleachers or the South Side-along the big 10ft wall.

Masks must be worn at all times unless swimmers are in the water. Physical Distancing will be maintained. No equipment will be shared.  Due to the limited number of people allowed on the deck, only one parent of swimmers 8 years or younger will be permitted entrance, and they must stay seated in the bleachers, wearing a mask, distancing from all others. Other parents are asked to wait outside the facility in their vehicles.  NO food or glass containers are permitted on the pool deck. All All swimmers need to arrive with their swimsuits on, no deck changing.  At the conclusion of practice, swimmers will be asked to leave quickly, so the next group may be check in and not start late.  For emergency purposes a restroom will be available, but must be cleaned after each use.