Fundraising & Volunteering

The Moose Jaw Kinsmen Flying Fins strive to try to keep membership fees as affordable as possible despite significant expenses associated with operating costs. Pool rental fees alone account for nearly half our yearly expenses. In order to help keep enrollment costs as low as possible, MJKFF require fundraising commitments (at the time of registration) and volunteer commitments for MJKFF hosted swim meets (throughout the season). These meets bring much needed revenue to the club.

2017/2018 Season Fundraising Initiatives


At the time of registration each swimmer will receive two books of tickets for our annual raffle. This fundraiser alone saves each swimmer $200.00 per year in registration fees. Tickets need to be returned by November 25th. 

First Prize - $5,000

Chocolate Sales

 At the time of registration, each swimmer will be asked if they wish to sell chocolates in session 2. If you want to sell chocolates, you will be charged $1 now and on Feb 1 the remaining $59 will be billed out to you. When you sell your chocolates you make back your $60.

You have the option to pay $45 and buy out this fundraiser. This will be billed out on Feb 1 to every account that did not indicate that they wished to sell chocolates. 


Bottle Drives

The competitive swimmers must help with at least TWO bottle drives during the course of the season.