2019/2020 Season Fundraising Initiatives

Fundraising provides much-needed monies to help keep swimming fees as low as possible.  During the course of the swim season the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Flying Fins will have various fundraising activities .  Some of these will be designed to put money back in your pocket directly by allowing you to fundraise to offset your own personal cost.

Chocolate Sales 

At the time of registration each swimmer will be asked if you wish to sell chocolates. If you choose YES, $40 will be charged to your account for a box of chocolates.  The resale value of each box is $60. If you chose to SELL the chocolates you will keep ALL the money that you collect and thereby make that $40 back (your cost for the box), plus making $20 for your personal use that you can use to offset the cost of your swim fees. You can request additional boxes of chocolates to sell by contacting the club registrar or the fundraising committee.

Other fundraisers will be held later in the year that will allow you to raise additional (personal) money to offset your swim fees.