MJKFF hosted swim meets are very important to the club.  Not only do the swim meets represent an opportunity for our athletes to compete, they also represent a major fundraising event for the club.  Many volunteers are required in order to run a meet.  As such MJKFF family members are required to participate and contribute to all MJKFF hosted (and co-hosted) swim meets. There are two swim meets planned for the 2017/2018 season:

The A Provincials/Junior Cup is scheduled for March 9, March 10 and March 11, 2018

The Mike Mintentko Summerfest is scheduled for June 23 and June 24, 2018

The level of participation required from member families varies with the level of the swimmer.

Pre-Competitive Swim Parents

Starfish & Guppies: As a pre-competive introductory level swimmer, Starfish & Guppy’s family members will provide baking and/or fruits & vegetables for swim meets.  

Tadpoles & Minnows:  As the last level of precompetitive swimming, Tadpoles and Minnows family members shall volunteer for one session at each MJKFF hosted meet. 

Competitive Swim Parents

Competitive swimmer members will be trained at various levels (depending on swimmer level) in order to volunteer as a swim official at MJKFF hosted swim meets.  Swim official training will be offered in Moose Jaw on Saturday September 30, 2017. Those family members unable to attend will be advised of Official Clinic dates elsewhere in the province.  It is the responsibility of MJKFF members to ensure they get the training required to volunteer at MJKFF hosted swim meets.

Blue & White:  As competitive swimmers, blue and white members must take the officials training and be certified as both a timer and as a judge of stroke and turn. These families are expected to work at all sessions at each hosted or co-hosted meet.

Top Prospects Provincial & National:  As the elite athletes in the club – Top Prospects members must take swim officials training in level 2 courses in addition to judge of stroke and turn.  These courses include meet manager, chief timer, chief judge electronics, clerk of course, starter, recorder scorer and chief finish judge. These families are expected to work at all sessions at each hosted or co-hosted meet.


Failure to comply with the volunteer and fundraising requirements will result in the following assessment of fees:

$35 for failure to provide the requested snacks which will allow for the purchase of snacks not provided.

$75 per missed swim session. MJKFF swim meets will generally consist of 2 or more sessions.

These fees will be assessed and applied to the member account.  Note that these fees may be waived at the discretion of the Board of Directors subject to acceptance of a written explanation for the failure to volunteer. However, the reason will need to be significant. Please ensure that you fulfil your swim meet obligation as this helps ensure a great swim experience for all the athletes attending MJKFF hosted swim meets.