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For Information on Longview Swim Club:

Call 903-297-7946 (SWIM) or email us from our Contact page to sign up today!


MONTHLY RATES: Effective June 2017

Sprites          $75  (Meet Tues/Wed/Thurs from 4:30-5:15)

PreClassic     $75  (Meet Mon/Wed/Fri from 4:30-5:15)

Classic I        $85  (Meet Mon-Fri from 4:30-5:30)

Classic II       $90  (Meet Mon-Fri from 5:15-6:45)

Classic III     $95  (Meet Mon-Fri from 5:15-7:00)

Classic IV      $110  (Meet Mon-Fri from 4:30-7:00)

Family Memberships (limited qty available) - all members must be from the same immediate family.

Any 3 Family members - $175

Any 4 or more Family members - $200

Additional Training for Classic II-IV

                   Core Work-out MWF 4:30, stretch at 5:00

                   Saturday Morning Swim (9:00-11:00)

                   Strength Training T/Th 4:30 (high school students only)

Join us for a trial week!

The first week of swim is FREE!

New swimmers must pay $100 registration fee to USA Swimming upon joining Longview Swim Club.  After payment of the registration fee, your first month regular tuition is FREE. You will be billed for your normal tuition rate on the first day of the next month.

***ALL swimmers pay an Annual Renewal Fee to USA Swimming of $78 each year after joining the Longview Swim Club. This will be billed October 1. 

Longview Swim Club

Main Contact

   P.O. Box 12871
Longview, TX 75607

   903-297-7946 (SWIM)

For Application forms or the trial week waiver please click here