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We are excited to welcome our 2019 Coaches for the Shorewood Hills Swim & Dive Team!

13 & over:  Amanda Ellmaker, Emily Douglas, and Noah Melnick
9 &10: Will Altaweel, Owen Cranley, Molly Messner, and Jaden Weiss
11&12: Will Altaweel, and Izzy Quattrucci
8 & under: Ella Jordahl, Molly Messner, Emmet Raichle, and Jaden Weiss
"Little Sharks" Coaches: Olivia Gartner, Alicia Lawson, Lauren Moran, and Dane Sheehan                         

Kevin Pomeroy and Leah Mickelson

2019 Shorewood Sharks Coaches Bios

Want to Know More About Your Coaches?

Head Swim Coach:

Amanda Ellmaker:



Swim Assistant Coaches:

Will Altaweel: Will is thrilled to be entering his 3rd summer as a Shorewood coach! As a sophomore swimmer at Carleton College, Will is currently studying abroad in Japan and although he is loving his new diet of sushi and ramen, he can’t wait to get back to the pool so that he can be fueled by bagels and yee-juice all summer long. What’s more, Will is ready for another summer at the best place on earth filled with loud cheering, victorious coach's challenges, and plenty of dibble-dabble!.



Owen Cranley:







Emily Douglas: My name is Emily and I’m super excited to join the Shorewood family this year! I just finished up my last year of studying mechanical engineering at UW-Madison and will be starting graduate school at the University of Michigan this upcoming fall to study product design and user experience. In my free time I enjoy swimming on the UW Swim Club, hanging outside, and eating my weight in ice cream.



Ella Jordahl​: This may be Ella’s first summer as a coach, but she’s been yee-ing for 8 years as a Shorewood Shark! You’ll find her swimming with the 13 & olders and eating blueberry bagels all summer long. She can’t wait to hop in the pool, do some crazy cheers, and play lots of blob tag at the best pool ever before her senior year at Madison West!


Noah MelnickNoah is ready to debut as a coach after completing 11 years of swimming. He is ready to dive into all the craziness and mayhem of Shorewood and use his butterfly expertise to create the best butterflyers in the city! Before he coaches each morning you will find him eating breakfast at Bagels Forever. Noah can not get enough jalapeno bagel with strawberry cream cheese.


Molly Messner:



Izzy Quattrucci:




Emmet Raichle​: Emmet had such a blast coaching the Little Sharks last summer that he needed to come back for another summer of fun with the 8 & Under swimmers in his first season as an assistant coach. Swimming at Shorewood for 7 seasons on top of working at the pool for 6 summers has instilled the ultimate YEE spirit and love for bagels in Emmet. Completing his sophomore year at Syracuse University, Emmet is excited to trade the Northeastern winter for lots of fun in the sun with the Sharks! 




Jaden Weiss- Jaden is excited to enter his second year of coaching and pass on his love for the water. He has been swimming in the All-City League for 12 years but was lured to Shorewood by the smell of bagels three years ago.  Having just completed High School at Madison West (and a member of the 2x State Champion swim team!), he is looking forward to keep swimming at Seattle University.  He is looking forward to making a big splash with the 15 -18 team, guarding, teaching lessons and playing lots of Dibble-Dabble.


Dive Coaches:

Kevin Pomeroy: Kevin is a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and is apart of the Men’s Swimming & Diving team. He is from California and trained at Stanford University on their club diving team. He started as a gymnast, but switched  to diving 10 years ago. His is very excited to coach at Shorewood, and learn all the fun and crazy team traditions.   
Leah Mickelson:


Little Shark Coaches: 

Olivia Gartner:

Alicia Lawson: Alicia is excited to coach the littlest of the sharks for her third year in a row. She swam for 12 years on the swim team, and Shorewood has been her summer home ever since she was 6. She has been a part of the pool staff since 2014. Finishing up her second-year at UW-Madison, Alicia is a master at freeze tag and whirlpools, and she cannot wait to play all summer long! 



Lauren Moran:



Dane Sheehan: Dane has been swimming at Shorewood for the past 11 years and was a co-captain of the team last summer. This is his first year coaching swim team and he is looking forward to having a blast and helping everyone improve their swimming skills. He is also excited to play the biggest game of blob tag with the coolest kids in Madison. He is currently a senior at West and plans to attend UW-Whitewater in the fall.