When do they practice?

The Sharks practice at the Holly Pool, 6651 S. Krameria Way.  Practices will be held rain or shine, if there is severe weather (thunder and lightning, tornado) practice will be called off; swimmers and/or parents will be notified by email and the team web site will be updated.  Coaches and lifeguards are present at all practices.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible, the more they practice the faster they will improve.  There is not a required number of practices in order to participate, however the MHSL requires a minimum of 10 practices to participate at Championships.

May 16th – May 27th (M, W, F):      May 17th – May 26th (Tu and Th):

5:30-6:30 p.m. 10 and under            5:00-6:00 p.m. 10 and Under

6:30-7:30 p.m. 11 and older             6:00-7:00 p.m. 11 and older  

May 30 through end of season:

(M-F) 7:00-8:00 a.m.: 11 and older

(M-F) 8:00-9:00 a.m.: 10 and under

 Who are the coaches?

All swim coaches are employees of South Suburban Parks and Recreation and certified Lifeguards.  Some coaches have additional certifications such as Water Safety Instructor or Safety Training for Swim Coaches as well as concussion training as required by Colorado state law. Many of our coaches are also USA Swimming coaches that work with swimmers on year round swim teams.  All coaches report directly to the Aquatics Supervisor and are held to high expectations and standards.  

Why do swimmers have to be able to swim 25 meters unassisted?

All swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool unassisted because coaches are not always in the water within an arms reach to help.  There will always be a lifeguard on duty, as well as all coaches being certified Lifeguards, but each swimmer must be able to make it across the pool by themselves.  Safety is our first priority, by setting this requirement we ensure that all swimmers can at least make it to the other side without the help of a coach.

Are parents required to volunteer?  

From setup to cleanup, a swim meet works best when we share the effort. Volunteering at the meets is a great way to meet a lot of terrific people. The meets go by a lot faster when you’re involved. Many teams present their parents with the option of paying a fee to opt out of volunteer duties. We think that runs contrary to our mission of creating an enjoyable and competitive environment for summer swimmers.  In an effort to ensure that families fulfill their volunteer requirements we do ask that parents write a $100 check, payable to the team.  In the event that the volunteer commitment is not made the check would be cashed.  It is our goal that each family help throughout the season so that the volunteer checks are not needed.

We ask that a representative from each family volunteer at each meet where their child is participating.  Meets are broken into shifts, morning shift and afternoon shift.  A representative from each family is responsible for volunteering 1 shift per meet where the child is swimming.  Should your swimmer compete in Prelims, Championships or All Stars a representative from the family is responsible for volunteering one shift at each.

When are swim meets?

Swim meets are held on Saturday mornings.  While participating in meets is not required they are encouraged – this is the fun part!  Swimmers are encouraged to not only compete in their favorite events but also try something new; coaches will often suggest an event that challenges the swimmers both mentally and physically.  

2016 dual swim meet dates are June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, June 25th and July 9th.

2016 Prelim swim meets are scheduled for Monday July 11th and Tuesday July 12th.  Championships will be held on Saturday July 16th.  

2016 All Star Swim Meet will be held on Saturday July 23rd.  

All meets are over by 2pm to allow facilities to open for public swim.

Is my swimmer required to have a team swim suit? 

Team suits are NOT required for swimmers, although many swimmers do choose to purchase the suit it is not essential to being on the team.  

Holly Park is on a two-year program, with a new suit design in even years. The 2016-2017 suit is the TYR Viper suit.  An alternate basic black and blue team suit called the Speedo “Splice” is also considered a team suit.  Sizing and orders are taken every year at the Spring parent meeting by Out Of Breath Sports. The store is also available to purchase caps, goggles, team sweats, towels and other apparel.  Out Of Breath Sports is located at 42 East Arapahoe Rd, Littleton CO 80122.   Their direct phone number is 303.798.5037. You can also visit them on the web at

Is there anything before the season to help my child get ready?

There are several opportunities for swimmers to get in the water before the season officially starts.  South Suburban offers classes at all three Recreation Centers that are geared towards the summer league swimmer. Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many of these trainings as they can – the more practice the more proficient you’ll be!  Holly Park Shark coaches will be present at all sessions. You can register for these classes by visiting our registration page or by calling 303.347.5999

Private Swim Lessons –

    Many Summer Swim Team coaches are available for private lessons; sign up with your favorite coach for some one-on-one instruction prior to the season.  Private lessons are available on an as needed basis and can be scheduled around your needs. Have a friend you want to take Private lessons with?  Semi-Private lessons are perfect for those that want to swim with a friend! Semi-Private fees are for the entire lesson, not per swimmer.

    Please contact the pool at which you’d like to have private lessons for scheduling.

    Fees:     Private: $32/$26R

        4 –Pack Private: $116/$96R

        Semi-Private: $43/$96R

        4-Pack Semi-Private: $142/$124R

Swim Team Assessments

        Drop in at either Goodson or Lone Tree for a free team placement skill assessment.