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Fees Breakdown per Group

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RACE Swim Dues - September 2017 through August 2018


Monthly Fee


Annual Fee

Member  Fee

Developmental I


2 payments


1 payment $500


Developmental II


2 payments


1 payment $650


Developmental III


2 payments


1 payment $800


Training 1


    2 payments

1 payment $850


Training 2


2 payments

1 payment $950




2 payments

1 payment  $1100

2 payments

Senior I


2 payments

1 payment $1200

2 payments

Senior II


2 payments

1 payment $1400

2 payments


w/no RACE swimmer






w/RACE swimmer





Senior Prep Group: New starting March 2018.  This cross training group is geared for high school swimmers who want to stay in shape and prepare for next season and/or athletes of other sports who would like to build strength and endurance. This group meets Monday, Thursday (6-7:30pm) and Saturday 10-11:30 am. The monthly fee for this group is $80/month.  A registration fee is required which registers swimmer with USA Swimming and by waiting until March 1st the fee is lowered to $50 per swimmer.  Please contact Coach Gainey regarding questions and or or regarding billing and registration. This group does have a minimum age and grade requirement.  Please note....t shirts and swim caps do not come with the discounted registration fees.  Please contact team admin for assistance with t shirts and swim caps. 

Explanations:  Session ( 2 time payment plan) and annual plans (1 payment )are available.  These plans represent discounts over just paying the monthly fee.  To take advantage of the session discounts, payments must be made in 2 payments, with the first due at registration (Aug/Sept), and the second due Feb 1.  These two payments pay for a full year of swimming.  If you select the session or high school payment plan, you are committing yourself to making BOTH payments, not just the first one.

Swimmers who are members of the Warren County Swim Team (Greenwood, South Warren, Warren East, Warren Central, or any of the associated middle schools) are eligible for an additional discount, providing they maintain membership on RACE and the High School team.  This discounted price also requires 2 payments, with the first due at registration (Aug/Sept) and the second due Feb 1. These two payments pay for 12 months. WCST membership starts with the September payment and is designed for swimmers who swim both high school and RACE at the same time.  You must finish the season with the high school team to remain eligible for this discounted pricing.

USA membership must remain current.  USA/KY/RACE registration fee is $160.

Long Course/Russell Sims:  During the summer, practice times for several groups will have "long course" times available at Russell Sims.  Because this practice requires RACE payment to Warren County Parks, RACE swimmers are required to pay an extra one time charge to cover the Russell Sims pool rental.  That fee will be communicated each season. 

Registration fees are non refundable.

Payment is due by the 14th of the month or a $10 late fee will be assessed. The late fee is a system generated fee.  If the account does not receive the payment in full by the end of the 14th, a $10 fee is added to the account.  Team Admin will remove the fees IF they payments have been received and not applied to the account due to Team Admin delay. 

​Monthly Billing/Suspending Accounts:  Notification must be made to RACE team admin prior to the 1st of the month if swimmer account is to be suspended.  Accounts bill/invoice on the 1st so any suspension in billing MUST be done prior to the 1st for accounting purposes.

MEET FEES: There is a charge for swimming in swim meets.  RACE Aquatics pays the swimmer's meet fees to the Host Team in advance or at the  beginning of the swim meet.  

Swim meet fees can be from $20-$200+ depending on the meet.  Higher level swim meets have more expensive swim meet fees.  Meet fees will consist of Individual Event fees, Relay fees, Facility fees and a fee if swimming outside of KY.  All swim meet fees will be billed to the swimmer's account prior to the meet and possibly as soon as the registration deadline depending on Host Team payment requirements.  Relay fees may be adjusted after billing or added after the swim meet if coaches are not clear who will be swimming in the team relays. 

If RACE Aquatics pays for the swim, the swimmer's account will be charged.  Any changes in swim plans must be communicated with swimmer's coach as soon as possible.  It is possible sometimes to remove a swimmer from a meet without is also possible that the payment has already been made or the entries are closed and host teams do not give refunds.  

​Swim meets that are "away" may require travel due to time changes, warm up times, etc.  Please factor in travel expenses when planning "away" meets.  

RACE hosted swim meets will also have meet fees.  All swims (splashes) have fees that are paid to the swimming organizations.  Swim Meets are sanctioned by KY and USA Swim so that swimmer's times will be recorded with those organizations.   This makes the swimmer's who meet time standards eligible for higher level meets (state, sectionals, futures, junior nationals, etc).

​As of 02/26/2018 Developmental meets will have charges.  Each swimmer who competes in a developmental meet will have a $15.00 charge per swimmer to cover administration fees.

​Please let Team Admin/Coaching Staff or "seasoned RACE parents" know if you have any questions regarding meets, travel, hotels, expenses, etc. 

Checks can be made out to RACE Aquatics, placed in the Lock Box at the pool, or mailed to

RACE Aquatics

P.O. Box 51614

Bowling Green, KY 42102-6614

​Payment can also be made online by adding a credit card to your account.