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Practice Schedule


All Practices held at Highland Community Pool (HCP) at Lindendale unless otherwise noted:

Practice groups and times will be emailed out on June 16th 2020 for returning registered swimmers only at this time.

There will be four practices sessions/groups:

Monday to Saturday: 7am-8.45am, 9am–10.30am, 10.45am–12pm and an evening session 4pm–6pm (Mon-Fri only).

The number of swimmers is limited to 36 per practice and Coach Ryan will be assigning the practice groups. It is important that you only attend the group assigned to you, no exceptions. This strict rule is required to ensure we maintain compliance with the current guidelines. If you need to change a practice group, approval will be needed first from Coach Ryan. 

Please note that these groups and times may change if phase 4 is implemented on June 26th.

We are planning to start practices on Wednesday June 17th. Coach Ryan will be emailing your swimmers group Tuesday evening.

Practice sessions will be a rotation of dry-land and pool time.


Pool Guidelines

Swimmers will enter the pool via the side gate (south-side) individually. Their temperature will be checked by a staff member and they will then be directed to an area on the pool deck to wait for the start of practice. It is important to remind your swimmers that social distancing guidelines still apply. There will be small groups of 10 -12 swimmers with markings on the deck to help maintain a 6ft distance, there will be no huddles etc.

No parents will be allowed on the pool deck.

At the end of practice swimmers will leave via the gate near the blue carpet (west-side). 

Showers & toilets are available if needed but are limited.