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Swim Team Programs

Group IV

This is our entry-level group. An athlete may not be able to swim a full lap. The athlete must be willing to learn how to swim in water over 5 feet in depth. All swimmers joining the entry-level are guppy swimmers.

Group III Development

Athletes in this group focus on circle swimming, learning how to read a pace clock, learn the four competitive strokes, turns, racing starts, basic interval training. NO dry-land training.

Group III                                                                                                                                       Athletes in this group focus on learning the four legal competitive strokes, turns, racing starts, and finishes. Athletic in this group are exposed to a new level of swim practice training on greater distance and faster intervals. Swimmers in Group III will begin swimming in competitive swim meets. Introduce to dry-land training

Group II

Athletes are exposed to a higher level of training with a higher level of commitment to competitive swimming.  Dryland Training, qualifying times LSC State, Zone meets

Group I

Athletic in this group trained at a high level, training at the high interval level, training high practice yardage, and commitment to qualified, for LSC state championships. 

Senior-Group I 

Very Highest level of training, qualified for LSC state championship, Zone, and national swim meet qualifying times.


Instructional Training Lesson Program

For more on the Greenview, Instructional Training program go to Greenview Swim website,