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Greenview Dolphins Training Groups                         

Group IV

This is our entry-level group. An athlete may not be able to swim a full lap. Athletes must be willing to learn how to swim. All swimmers at the entry-level are guppies.

Group III Development

Advance development level. First-year USA Swimming and Greenview member. Develop all competitive strokes, turns, and starts.

Group III

Group III athletes focus on learning the four legal competitive strokes, turns, racing starts, and finishes. Athletes in this group are exposed to a new level of swim practice training on greater distances and faster intervals. Swimmers in Group III will begin swimming in competitive swim meets. Introduce dryland training.

Group II

The Group II athletes are exposed to a higher level of training with a higher commitment to competitive swimming. Dryland training expanded into daily workouts training.

Group I

The Group I athletics is the highest level of training and commitment to competitive swimming on Age Group, Senior State Meets level. 

Senior- Group I

The Senior-Group I athletics is the highest level of training and commitment to competitive swimming on Age Group and Senior Sectional and National Level. 

               The Greenview Dolphins Swim Team                               

Every athlete joining the Greenview Dolphins joins the team as a guppy’s athlete. To become a Dolphins swimmer. Athletes eight and under MUST swim a 200 freestyle with flip turns. Athletes nine and older MUST swim a 500 freestyle with flip turns.

Once an athlete reaches this goal are they earn the name “Dolphin.”


“Once A Dolphin, Always A Dolphin”


Charles R. Drew Wellness Memberships: (Monthly Fee $27 per Athlete / Yearly Fee $324)

                         Greenview Dolphins Drew Wellness Member

Group IV                            $75; Sibling discount $40 per athlete                   

Group III Developmental    $80; Sibling discount $45 per athlete                   

Group III                             $85; Sibling discount $50 per athlete

Group II                            $90; Sibling discount $50 per athlete

Group I                             $90; Sibling  discount $60 per athlete

Senior Group I                 $140; Sibling  discount $70 per athlete                  

USA Swimming Registration Membership Groups

Premium Athlete Full Year-Round Membership 2021 - 2022 Membership fee $96

Flex. Athlete Membership. First-Time Athletes who want to experience swimming on a team.

Outreach Athlete Membership, for low-income families, a copy of athletes’ Birth Certificates.


Greenview Dolphins Instructional Training Program

Instructional Training Classes are designed to teach, improve, and develop children in all competitive swimming skills (strokes, turns, finishes, starts, and dives) for competition.  

We will teach swimmers lifeguard skills and prepare them for lifeguard classes where age-appropriate.  

Instructional Training is for swimmers who want to be introduced to all the competitive strokes swimming strokes. For more information on this program, visit the website.