Practice Groups

Please be aware that your swimmer is to register and swim in the practice group to which they were assigned at the beginning of each session. The coaching staff will notify a swimmer and their parents if a change in practice group is warranted based on their re-evaluation of the swimmer’s ability. There is a difference in practice fees when such a move occurs, and the parents will be emailed the pro-rated practice fee due. All swimmers are continually evaluated by the coaches during the first few weeks of the session.

Age Group Prep (Formerly Silver – 10 and unders)

Swimmers should have working knowledge of all 4 strokes, turns, starts and small amount of conditioning. Age group prep swimmers should compete is all team effort meets and qualifying meets when times are achieved.

Workout Days/Times: 3 times per week (1 hour/ session)

Equipment : Fins (Finis short fins), Water bottle.

Age Group (Formerly Jr gold – 12 and unders)

Swimmers in Age group will continue putting focus on swimming efficient (Technique) but will put a larger emphasis on conditioning. Individuals in this group are encouraged to following the USA Swimming IMX events as a training/racing guideline. Recommended practice attendance should be 80%.

Workout Days/Times: 4 times per week (Approximately 1 hours/ session)

Equipment: Fins (Finis short fins),  snorkel (Finis Swimmer's Snorkel) & water botle

Senior Prep (Formerly Gold – 14 and under. * 14 year old high school swimmers will be moved up based on Jason’s recommendation)

Swimmers in the Senior Prep group are showing a growing interest in swimming year-round and have now begun to train on a consistent basis for multiple events and distances. With a continued focus on swimming efficient, this group has now put more emphasis on general conditioning to prepare them for 3 to 4 day competitions. Individuals in this group should be focusing on the USA Swimming IMX events for training and competing. High school athletes that are 14 years old age must get coaches approval to swim in the Senior group. Recommended practice attendance should be 85 %.

Workout Days/Times: 5 times per week (1 hour & 15 minutes).

Equipment : Fins (finis short fins), paddles, buoy, snorkel (Finis Swimmer's Snorkel) & water bottle

Senior (Formerly Sr. gold – High school age: 15 and over unless approved by coaches)

Swimmers that have moved into the Senior have shown a year-round commitment to the sport. These athletes are competing at the local, state and national level. While training, the group is split into Distance, Middle Distance & Sprint to help prepare for multiple distances and events. Athletes in this level have shown a commitment towards excellence both individually and towards the team. 60 % practice attendance for athletes to have a spot in this group. Athletes should not register for team if they cannot commit to practice attendance policy.

Workout Days/Times: 5 times per week (1 hour & 30 min).