Swim Parents

In this area are some swimming videos that will show various swimming techniques, drills, and some dry land exercises.


Common Freestyle Breathing Mistakes

Pay close attention to how Coach Stu Kahn mentions splitting the goggles.  He mentions keeping 1 goggle lens, 1 cheek, and 1 ear in the water.  

The second part he mentions about looking BACKWARDS when you breathe and not forward or to our side.  This will help us keep our heads in a neutral in-line position to keep or stroke nice and tight.

Third mention is of holding our breath.  When we are swimming, we want to always be exhaling when our faces are in the water.  The video at 2'00 has a very good example of the swimmer exhaling through her nose with her face in the water.



In this video, Gary Hall Sr touches on some very important areas of the freestyle flip turn.

His first big mention is on getting our knees and feet in as tight as possible.  The tighter we can get our legs, the faster we can finish our flip and get off of the wall.  

Second mention is on rotation while flipping.  As coach Tyler likes to say it, "We flip first, then turn."  The video has a very good example of this mistake at the 0'27 mark.  With a GOOD EXAMPLE of toes straight up and square at the 0'40 mark.

His third point is a VERY good one.  BEFORE we hit the wall, our arms should be in a tight streamline position.  A good example starts at the 1'53 mark.



Keep watch on this area for future videos on technique and drills!!!