Swim Lessons

Winter Swim Sessions

Session 1 will run November 12th - December 20th ($155)

Session 2 will run January 7th- February 7th ($135)

*Please note the OA Calendar for no swim days for holidays and meets.  Pricing has been built to take those no swim days into account. 

SEA MONKEYS - Swimmers MUST be able to swim the 25 yard length of the pool freestyle and backstroke to be able to join the Winter Sea Monkey Pre-comp Swim Team. Emphasis on stroke development and swim skills

Sea Monkeys will be offered Monday-Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30pm through both Session One and Two

SWIM TRAINING - Swimmers must be proficient, but not perfect at swim strokes.  Strong emphasis on swim conditioning and training with some stroke development. 

Swim Training will be offered Monday-Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30pm through both Session One and Two

*Swimmers do NOT need to be members of Olympus Aquatics to register for Winter Sea Monkey Pre-comp Team or the Swim Training Group.  


If you have any questions regarding the Sea Monkey Pre-comp Swim Team, Swim Training Groups or Swim Lessons offered at Olympus Aquatics, please contact Melissa Stringham (mmstringham@yahoo.com). 


OA is partnered with Evergreen Swim & Tennis Club to offer Summer Swim Lessons for Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Stroke Development levels. 
All lessons will be held at Evergreen Swim & Tennis Club (3775 S 2235 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84109). There are 4 sessions offered throughout the summer, each consisting of 8 lessons offered over a 2 week period. The lessons will be held Monday - Thursday, with Friday as a make-day if classes need to be rescheduled due to a holiday or weather. Lessons will be held in 30 minute increments from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM. A printable matrix of the Evergreen Swim & Tennis Club Swim Lesson schedule is available here.


To register for Summer Swim Lessons at Evergreen Swim & Tennis Club please contact

Lisa VanTussenbroek @ 801-232-9564. 

The flier and registration forms for Swim Lessons at Evergreen Swim & Tennis Club are available here. 

*Please make all checks payable to Evergreen Swim and Tennis Club. 



Olympus Aquatics Group Lessons are structured learning environments, with limited enrollment size. Each class aims to group individuals of like age, ability, and maturity. Class instructors endeavor to engage all the students while ensuring that each and every individual makes progress toward the class objectives. A full schedule including instructors assigned to teach each class can be found here. 




Day and Times

Competitive Technique (CT):  This class focuses on the high level competitive elements of swimming, starts, and turns, with a secondary emphasis on stroke refinement.  Strongly recommended for competitive swimmers.

Class Size:  10

Cost: $65/session


Swimmers proficient in each of the four strokes and previous exposure to starts and turns.

Ages: 8 -14





Monday - Thursday 




Combination (CB): This class teaches the fundamentals of competition, legal starts and turns, with additional focus on stroke development. Strongly recommended for swim team members and competitive swimmers.  

Class Size:  10

Cost: $65/session (4 days a week)




Swimmers proficient in each of the four strokes and previous exposure to starts and turns. 

Ages: 10+


Monday - Thursday






Stroke Development (SD):  Develop the correct stroke mechanics of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Swimmers may also learn a dive entry from the standard starting blocks.  Strongly recommended for swimmers beginning swim team.

Class Size:  10

Cost: $65/session


Children who can swim the 25 yard length of the pool freestyle and backstroke.

Ages: 5-12

Monday -Thursday



Splash Ball- Splash Ball is an introduction to water polo for young athletes.  They will learn some of the basic skills required to play the game.

Cross Training (XT)- The Cross Training program was developed by Youth Fitness Specialist Lisa Moran to better prepare athletes for the demands of aquatic sports. The program includes injury prevention, core and joint strengthening, and speed and power based workouts to increase performance.

If you have questions regarding Cross Training please contact Lisa Moran (littlemoran@outlook.com). 

Private Lessons (PL) - A 30 to 60 minute ‘One-on-One’ learning experience with any coach or instructor. The goal and objectives of a private lesson may be uniquely tailored to each individual.  Private Lessons may be scheduled directly with the coach or instructor of your choice.  Prices vary by instructor.  

Tom Thorum, 801-913-2786, coachthorum@gmail.com, $40 for 30 minutes/ $75 for 60 minutes

Deni Cullom 949-547-3840 denicullom@gmail.com, $25 for 30 minutes/$45 for 60 minutes

Chloe Vincent 720-393-9705, $20 for 30 minutes

Arden Tesch 801-428-9400, $20 for 30 minutes

Blake Goodsell 801-735-5172, $20 for 30 minutes

Regan Marberger 801-633-9094, $15 for 30 minutes

Ian Johnson 801-913-9585, $15 for 30 minutes

Maili Simons 801-691-4037, $15 for 30 minutes

Mazzie Pelton 801-669-6771, $15 for 30 minutes