Your 2017 Swim Team Board

President Laura Douglas laura.lauradouglas@gmail.com
Vice President Carol Otto caroljeanotto@gmail.com
Treasurer Amy Childs amy@amyzchilds.com
League Representative Jen Pettit jen.pettitm5@yahoo.com
Morning Meet Director Brooke Coyle coylebrooke@gmail.com
Afternoon Meet Director Audrey Brooks acbrooks7@gmail.com
Fundraising Director Kelley Moore kelleymmoore@yahoo.com
Communications Director Gabby Dannemiller gabby@dannemiller.net
Past President Diane Wright diane.wright@cpalions.com
Committee Chairs    
Social Chair Julie Riggar j​riggar@gmail.com
Hospitality Co-Chair Mary Ruth Banta maryruthbanta@gmail.com
Hospitality Co-Chair Ruth Bryant ruthbryant@gmail.com
Meet Manager Kim Coke kfcoke@gmail.com
City Meet Chair Jayme Walker jaymedwalker@gmail.com
Mentor for New Families Jenny Sessions jasmail@aol.com


Head Coach             Marla Hastings Coachastings@gmail.com
Coach Cissy Fleet mwfleet@gmail.com

Who to contact if your swimmer cannot swim the day of the meet.

You are required to sign your swimmers up for each meet by editing attend/decline commitment button no later than noon the Wednesday before the meet.  If you find your swimmer will not be able to swim after the Wednesday noon deadline but before the meet please email Kim Coke at kfcoke@gmail.com and Coach Marla at coachastings@gmail.com.  

If your swimmer is ill the DAY OF THE MEET please TEXT Coach Marla and the morning/afternoon meet directors.  Below is contact information:

Marla Hastings Head Coach (615)480-4030 Coachastings@gmail.com
Cissy Fleet Coach (615)400-8273 mwfleet@gmail.com
Brooke Coyle Morning Meet Director (615)720-2291 coylebrooke@gmail.com
Audrey Brooks Afternoon Meet Director (205)394-4062 acbrooks7@gmail.com
Kim Coke Team Administrator (615)481-2120 kfcoke@gmail.com