New Swimmers

TryoutsWe plan to hold our next round of tryouts in early March. If your swimmer is eager to start now feel free to email us to see if there is space for a mid season tryout. Currently there is space available for: Beginning 10-13 year olds, Beginning and Advanced 14-18 year olds. Space in our 10&U program will be open in March.  Email britta@teameugene.org to get set up with a try out.  Try outs are a one on one opportunity for us to meet the swimmer and assess what group would work best.


 Please check out our printable group requirement and tryout flyer HERE

For Practice Times or Group Requirements click on Groups on the left side of the page and then click on Practice times under the age group you are looking for.  


$68 USA Registration Fee (This is once per year during SC season registration which takes place in August. If you register for the first time with us at another time during the year, then you pay it the month following registration and then again in August)

$65 Club registration fee (This is twice per year at the time of registration during March and August)

Monthly dues:  These start at about $51 for beginning swimmers that train twice a week and go up the more practices available to their group.  Please see the groups page for exact pricing for each group. Click the green groups button on the left of the home page, then click on each group symbol to get more details on each group. 

Our TEAM requires 10 hours of volunteering for each family per season (2 seasons per year) There is a $350 buy out for families wishing to skip volunteering.  We also have two fundraisers that we require participation in. The Market of Choice raffle in December ($50 worth of tickets must be sold), and the Swim-A-Thon in May ($100 per swimmer must be raised).   

Our TEAM offers a dues subsidy fundraiser at the end of each season. All funds that members raise go to help offset their swimmer's dues.  These are totally optional fundraiser which benefit only the swimmer participating in the fundraiser. 

Our TEAM offers financial aid for swimmers that qualify. Click HERE for our FA policy. FA applications are processed twice a year in early March and August. Please Click HERE for an application.  Please email britta@teameugene.org finished applications no later than the 10th of March or the 10th of August.  Applications may also be sent to TEAM Eugene Aquatics, PO Box 50404, Eugene OR 97405.