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Competitive Club

Interested swimmers must be evaluated prior to joining the team and 
all potential new members are allowed a FREE TWO-WEEK TRIAL.*

Email to schedule an evaluation!

*Velocity Aquatics allows new swimmers to attend trial practices prior to making a financial commitment (for up to two weeks) as a courtesy to assure that it is the right fit for all parties. The number of practices one chooses to participate in during that time is not relevant to their financial responsibility. The month that the trial period begins is the month that the financial responsibility starts, assuming that the athlete joins the team. 



2018 -2019 COMPETITIVE CLUB MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: Yearly or Seasonal (specific practice group assignments do not impact tuition fees)



"Registration Fee" covers USA Insurance Fee, 1 Team T-Shirt & 1 Swim Cap

1. Yearly Membership: September 2018 August 2019

  • Monthly Payment Plan for Yearly Members = $110/Month Tuition + Registration Fee ($110).
    • Tuition will be paid as $220 down upon registering + Registration Fee ($110).  This covers the month that one joins and the last month of the swim year (August). After that, it is $110 per month on the first day of every month via your credit card online through July 1st, 2019.​​
    • Velocity Aquatics does not credit or offer discounts to returning members who cannot participate at times due to other conflicts.
      • RETURNING Members who return prior to MAY 1st are responsible for the full tuition fee.  Once registered, any past balanced owed that was not charged at the time of registration will be charged to the returning members account.
      • NEW Members to the club may join at anytime and pay a Pro-Rated fee.
    • ​A $10.00 surcharge will be assessed per FAMILY per swim meet that one participates in to help offset coaching costs associated with meet coverage.
    • The monthly payment option is only available through April, 2019. At that time the only option will be the seasonal membership (below).

2. Seasonal Membership (per swimmer)

  • Join Seasonally (Sept - Dec, Jan - April, or May - Aug) = $540/season paid in full online upon joining via credit card + one time, annual Registration Fee ($110)
  • ​A $10.00 surcharge will be assessed per FAMILY per swim meet one participates in to help offset coaching costs associated with meet coverage.

Please note, members are committing financially through the end of the membership period that which they register for (either yearly or seasonal) regardless of ones practice commitment/club status.  If one cancels their membership prior to the conclusion of the membership period, their payment method on file will be charged any remaining balance.  There are no exceptions or refunds.

NOTE: Velocity Aquatics does not require its members to participate in any fundraising.

Those who are not quite ready to join the Competitive Club might be interested in joining our Recreational Program to get their feet wet!