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The cost of membership is $110/month and the first payment is charged upon joining.  Then one's payment method on file is charged automatically on the 1st day of each month.  One's membership is automatically renewed and the $110 fee is charged each month unless the company is otherwise notified by the member.  

When swim meets resume, we will register our athletes with USA Swimming.  We'll address that aspect at the appropriate time.  Once swim meets resume, a $10.00 surcharge will be assessed per FAMILY per swim meet one participates in to help offset coaching costs associated with meet coverage, travel, etc.

Velocity Aquatics DOES NOT engage in or require its members to participate in any fundraising activities.

Velocity Aquatics allows new swimmers to attend trial practices prior to making a financial commitment (for up to two weeks) as a courtesy to assure that it is the right fit for all parties. The number of practices one chooses to participate in during that time is not relevant to their financial responsibility. The month that the trial period begins is the month that the financial responsibility starts (assuming that the athlete joins the team). 

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