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Interested swimmers must be evaluated prior to joining the team. Call/Text Director of Competitive Swimming, Flynn Burroughs, at 716-308-9592 or email to schedule an evaluation!


2020 COMPETITIVE CLUB FALL MEMBERSHIP (September - December 2020) 

Due to the uncertainty caused by COVID, Velocity Aquatics will only be offering a Fall Season Membership at this time.  The Fall Season will run from September through December 2020.  Come December, we will reavaulate the situation and determine which membership options make the most sense for our families. 

If the athlete is already registered with USA Swimming for the 2020 Swim Year, the full cost of the 2020 Fall Velocity Aquatics Season is just $400/athlete

If not already registered with USA Swimming, there will be an additional charge of $90/athlete for us to process and submit your 2020 USA Swimming Registration.  Those athletes who participated at Velocity or another USA Swim Club during the 2020 swim year, should already be registered and covered through December 2020.

The $400 Fall Season Fee may be paid as one lump payment, or $100 upon registering and then $100 monthly automatically through our system on the first of each month (Oct 1, Nov 1, Dec 1).‚Äč

When swim meets resume, a $10.00 surcharge will be assessed per FAMILY, per swim meet, one participates in to help offset coaching costs associated with meet coverage, coaches travel, etc.

Velocity Aquatics DOES NOT engage in or require its members to participate in any fundraising activities.

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Those who are not quite ready to join the Competitive Club might be interested in joining our Recreational Program to get their feet wet!