Private Lessons

Hello KRC families,

It's never too early to begin private lessons! We have a lot of swimmers during regular practices and private lessons allow your child to benefit from one-on-one coaching for only $25 for 30 minutes. 

Private lessons are perfect for kids of all ages looking to learn and/or improve on stroke technique. They also give the coaches an opportunity to get to know your swimmer better and help them drop time in a fun environment!

The coaches are available for private lessons.  Lessons are $20 per half hour.  Lessons can be billed to your account. Contact the coach of your choice to schedule your lesson.

Coaches Pictures (click here)

Jackie Bertucci, 865-207-7297

Ben Chesney, 865-660-9518

Maggie Fisher, 865-599-4063

Christina Klouda, 865-356-6741

Bennett Monroe, 865-323-7372

Sam McIntyre, 865-274-6131

John Myhre, 865-978-0381

Alex Patterson, 865-209-8115

Trecy Rochelle, 865-776-8948

Chris Scollay, 865-228-7001