Envious Splash Club

We hold our Splash Club meetings the second Monday of every month.  These meetings will be held at Brewed Awakenings in Johnston or Ruby Tuesdays in Johnston and start at 7:00.  We hope to see you there!   

The Envious Swimming Splash Club’s mission is to assist Envious Swimming in
providing a positive environment where athletic excellence and good sportsmanship are
encouraged. Through a quality swim program, swimmers will learn skills in leadership,
teamwork, respect, self-discipline and good character.
The goals of the Envious Swimming Splash Club are to advance swimming as a
lifetime sport, host swim meets, provide financial support for the swim team and its members,
and to organize events and parties that will support the swimmers and their families.
The Envious Swimming Splash Club recognizes the importance of our swim families in
the success of our swimmers. No swim team can function without the support of the swim
families, swimmers and coaches. The Envious Swimming Splash Club was organized with
this in mind. This club is run by parents. The Envious Swimming Splash Club is an IRS recognized nonprofit
501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to supporting Envious Swimming and promoting swimming in
the area. Part of the role of the Envious Swimming Splash Club is to encourage volunteerism
among swim parents, fundraise, develop team policies, and educate new and existing swim
Ability to vote on how fundraising/swim meet proceeds are distributed, i.e. new
equipment, clothing, awards, championship and team travel meets, annual banquet, and other
team sponsored events.
A chance to have a voice related to important matters that affect every child on the

Please join our Facebook page: for current events that are Splash Club sponsored. 

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Debbie Ignagni- Treasurer                                                                

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  

Envious Splash Club

Swim Meet Job Descriptions

During swim meets that Envious hosts we will need everyone to volunteer their time or resources. We understand if you have other commitments and you are not able to be present at the swim meet, if that is the case a food donation would be the acceptable alternative. Please let us know by a quick email if you can’t attend and we will direct you to speak with the concession and hospitality coordinators for a food donation.

Additional items to consider before volunteering are what session is my child swimming and also do I want pool side action or more behind the scenes with food or admission help. Listed below are job descriptions for most of our volunteer positions.  Thank you again for all your help and please don’t hesitate to email any questions.

Officials:   If you are interested in becoming or have recently become certified as a USS official.  Time Estimate: Session

Administrator: Responsibilities include running the swim meet computer program. Training on the computer is required. Time Estimate: Session

Admissions:  Responsible for working the admissions desk at the start of the meet.  Must be able to demonstrate simple math and also be present 30 minutes before the start of the session.  No Experience is needed.  Time Estimate: First half of session

Head Timer/Backup Timer: Primary responsibility is to run the timer meeting at the beginning of the session detailing the job description of timers.  This position is also responsible for being the backup timer during the session. Prior Timing experience is preferred. Time Estimate: Session

Timer: There are 2 timers needed for each lane. The primary responsibility is to start the watch at the race and stop when swimmer finishes. One timer records the times on a given sheet and the other timer is also responsible for pushing the plunger button. These times are used as a backup time in case the touch pad system malfunctions. No experience is needed and a great way to see your kids swim up close! Time Estimate: Session

Runner: Responsible for posting the heat/lane assignments and results. Also responsible for picking up the lane times sheets once an event is complete. No experience is needed and also a great way to be part of the action. Time Estimate: Session

Safety Marshall: Monitors Safety on the deck and in the locker rooms by walking around deck and locker rooms during the course of the meet. A female and male safety marshal is needed at each session.  At the end of the session, Safety Marshalls also need to check the bathrooms are straightened up and all trashed removed. No experience needed. Time Estimate: Session

Hospitality: Work in the hospitality area to provide meals and snacks for coaches and officials during and in between meet sessions. Time Estimate: 2-4 hr. Sessions

Concession: Work at the concession stand during the course of the swim meet. No experience needed. Time Estimate: 2-4 hour sessions

Meet Setup: Responsible for being an hour earlier then the beginning of the session to help set up tables/chairs/food/beverages in both concession and hospitality areas. Helps unload vehicles with any donated items. Help Meet Director in any additional ways in order for meet to start in an efficient manner. Time Estimate: 1 hr. prior to start of meet

Meet Breakdown:  Responsible for breaking down hospitality and concession areas. Help load cars with remaining items.  Time Estimate: 1 hr. after meet finishes