Distance & Gold Team

NAAC Distance Team 2017-18


NAAC will be continuing a Distance Team for Wave, Tsunami, Hurricane, Typhoon, Cyclone and Elite this season.  Coach Cyndi Rubcich will again be the Lead Coach for our Distance Team across groups, and will regularly attend Distance Team practices for Typhoon, Cyclone and Elite; and will write suggested workouts for Hurricane, Tsunami and Wave distance practices and help out as needed.  Distance Team will practice at the same time as the regular group practice and will work on longer distance training and/or more defined, longer-distance pace work than the group’s average distance work.  Our younger swimmers will all participate in Distance Team Practices, with some of our more experienced groups splitting out sprinters, etc.




Elite            Sat, Tues and Distance IM Thursday

Cyclone      Tuesday and select Sundays

Typhoon     Tuesday

Hurricane    Sunday

Tsunami      Saturday

Wave          Saturday



NAAC Gold Team 2017-18


NAAC will be re-starting Gold Team for Wave, Tsunami, Hurricane, Typhoon and Cyclone where 5+/- swimmers per group will be chosen every 2 to 3 weeks (or so) and invited to practice up a group for one practice per week.  This will most often be the swimmers at or near the top end of their own group, and this “up” practice will allow them to get in some more advanced training; training that they can then bring some of the ideas & intensity experienced back to their own practice group.


            Gold Team will begin starting in early November with Gold Team announcements early in that same week.  Holidays, NAAC Meets, HS & MS Meets, etc will be taken into consideration for each Gold Team training block and adjusted accordingly, and again – most often each Gold Team training block will be two to three weeks only.


            Gold Team members may choose which of their own group practices to drop each week as this is NOT additional training, but training at the following practice per week in place of one of their groups regularly scheduled practices that same week should they be able to attend. 


            Gold Team will replace our AG Elite practices from this past year so that more of our NAAC swimmers have an opportunity to occasionally train up a group for the coming season, and will function similarly to Gold Team in from our 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.


Gold Team Session ONE       Mon Oct 16 - Sun Oct 29          Members notified by Lead Coach


Gold Team Session TWO      Mon Nov 13 - Sun Nov 26         Members announced by Nov 8th





Cyclone           to Elite Sat

Typhoon          to Cyclone Sun

Hurricane        to Typhoon Fri

Tsunami           to Hurricane Sun

Wave               to Tsunami Sat