Times & Records

 2017-18 Qualifying Time Standards (QTS)
(Qualifying Times will be updated as the 2015-16 Standards become available)


Time standards are a way to gage what level of ability a swimmer is at. They are used for encouragement, to set goals, and limit who can attend a meet. Below are two kinds of time standards those for meets and those for motivation.

Motivational Standard

Age group time standards start at a Level B and go up to Level AAAA. These are designed to help with making goals and give perspective.

2017-2020 Motivational Time Standards by Age Group

Meets Standard

The Administrators for the following meets set time standards ("cuts") for the meet. Sometimes these standards mirror the National Age Group Motivational Times and sometimes they are based on the previous years results. Below you will find the standards for the meets in which Streamliner Aquatics participates.

2018 SRS Winter Championships QTS - Boise, ID ( Feb 16-18 )

( No QTS for 25 & 50 events but must have a time )

2018 Northwest Age Group REGIONALS QTS - Federal Way, WA ( Mar 8-11 )

2018 Winter Senior SECTIONALS QTS - Federal Way, WA ( Mar 15-18 )

2018 Summer Senior SECTIONALS QTS - Mt. Hood, OR ( July 19-23 )

2018 SRS Summer Championships QTS ( July 20-22 )

( No QTS for 50 events but must have a time )

2018 SENIOR Western ZONE Championships QTS - Clovis, CA ( Aug 1-4 )

2018 14 & Under Western ZONE Championships QTS - Roseville, CA ( Aug 8-11 )
( Without SRS Adjustment )

2018 14 & Under Western ZONE QTS ( SRS Adjustments Times )