Competitive Group Descriptions 2018-19


Thank you for your interest in the Tennessee Aquatics program.  These are brief descriptions of the practice group options offered at TNAQ.  These are general guidelines to help families figure out which group may be the best fit for their swimmer.  Some of the groups do have some specific criteria, all of the group assignments are subject to coach approval and discretion.  If you click the link on the group name you will be directed to the program page with more specific information.


Orange 1 is for the 10 Under athlete with an IMX score of at least 500.  They are encouraged to come to as many practice as they can, they are offered 6 practices a week

Orange 2 is for the 10 Under swimmers that have a USA Swimming IMR score.  They must be able to swim the 100 IM, and 50s of all 4 strokes. There are two practice options for this group. Option 1 – 5 days a week, Option 2 - 3 days/week (M/W/Sat) or (T/Th/Sat).

Orange 3 is an introduction to competitive swimming for the 10 Under swimmer; the focus will be on becoming legal in all 4 strokes. There are two practice options for this group. Option 1 – 5 days a week, Option 2 - 2 days/week (M/W) or (T/Th).



Gray 1 is for athletes committed to swimming. We look for swimmers that are ready and willing to train daily. Swimmers will be chosen by the Gray coaching staff.  Swimmers are expected to maintain 80% attendance, attend all swim meets, and have multiple 13-14 A times.

Gray 2 is for the athlete that wants to make a commitment to training while continuing learn. This group will be offered 6 practice each week. This group will be chosen by the Gray coaching staff.

Gray 3 is for the competitive swimmer who wants the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of swimming.  Swimmers may choose from two 4 day a week options (M/W/F/S) or (T/Th/F/S).



Senior 1 – This is an elite training group that prepares swimmers for National competition.  Swimmers are expected to attend all practices and swim meets, no exceptions.  This group is only for those swimmers/families who place a very high importance on the commitment level required for this group.  Swimmers will be selected by the Head coach.

Senior 2 – This is a training group for high school age swimmers who want to focus on swimming performance, training in the pool and in the weight room, and have a goal of swimming in college.  There will be a required attendance percentage to attend away meets.  Swimmers will be striving to compete at the SES, Sectional, Futures, and Junior National level.