About Us

The Amherst Tritons Swim Team (ATST), is a year round competitive USA swim program offering quality instruction and coaching to all ages and abilities. The program is designed to allow swimmers to join a year round program at any time of the season and with any level of experience. 

In addition the practice group model provides a constant progression not only within a specific practice group but also from practice level to practce level, slowly increasing the amount of time in the water and number of practices each week. This includes multiple practices groups on offer for elementary, middle and high school age swimmers. 

The hope and goal of the ATST program is to help every swimmer achieve their own personal goals both in and out of the pool and in turn reach their full potential.

Character traits such as hardwork, committment, perserverence, respect and sportsmanship are constantly enforced and at  ATST we want swimmers to learn how to balance swimming, academics and life in order to become a well repected and proud student athlete.