Swim Groups/Locations/Policies

The Treasure Coast Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of TCSC to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.  We offer two locations for training.  We swim at the North County Aquatic Center in Sebastian as well as the Cocoa Beach Aquatic center (next to the country club). 

Please call us at 772-713-6591 to schedule a tryout, or Click Here to send us an email request for more information.

Practice Equipment:

Stroke School:   practice suit, cap (for girls), goggles
Blue:    practice suit, goggles, cap (for girls), kickboard, and fins (closed back)
Bronze & Silver /FLAGS:  practice suit, goggles, cap (for girls), kickboard, pull buoy, water bottle* and fins(closed back)
Gold:    practice suit, goggles, cap (for girls), kickboard, pull buoy, water bottle* and fins,(closed back) 
Senior:    practice suit, goggles, cap (for girls), kickboard, pull buoy, water bottle*, paddles and fins(closed back)
*water bottles, not disposable, are preferred (less trash left on the pool deck).  Being in a hot climate, it is very important that all athletes stay hydrated throughout the workout.


NAME                 AGE/LEVEL        PRACTICES OFFERED     PRACTICE DURATION                  FEE

Stroke School       All                                           2 days a week        45 minutes                            $85 mo
Blue                    novice 8 & under                      3 days a week        30 minutes                            $85 mo
Bronze                11 & under                               5-6 days a week        1 hour                                 $85 mo
Bronze-Flags/II         advanced 12 & under               6 days a week              2 hours                            $95 mo
Gold                   advanced 13 & over                  6-9 sessions per week   2  hours                           $105 mo
Senior         FLAG,FL SR & above standards       6-9 sessions per week     2-3 hours                       $115 mo.

Payment of  Fees:  Monthly fees are due the 1st of the month, if the fees are not received by the 5th, a late fee of  $20 per month will be assessed to the family’s dues account.  TCSC requires a 30 day notification if the swimmer is going to no longer swim with the team. ( swimmer must pay for the month in which they decide to no longer participate)

Credit cards online are solely the responsibility of the family.  Individuals must take credit cards off when swimmers are no longer participating.  TCSC will not give refunds, only a credit if it is warranted.

Practice policies:  Swimmers are expected to arrive to practice before the start time so they are prepared to begin at the designated time.  Swimmers are also expected to be picked up after practice in a timely manner.  Parents are great! But practice time is for the swimmers, we ask that all parents remain away from the practice area and refrain from communicating with your swimmer unless there is an emergency.

Annual Family registration Fee:  Each family will be required to pay an annual registration fee of $105.00.  This fee is due every January.

USA  Swimming Registration:  A yearly fee of $76.00, which is renewed  at the end of November, is required to join USA swimming and TCSC.  Checks are payable to Treasure Coast Swimming.


Meet travel surcharges:  Each swimmer will be assessed a coaches travel charge for swim meets. Local meets 10.00-35.00, championship meets 50.00 and up, out of town meets 50.00 and up.

Home Meet Expectations/Pollicies:   In order to host successful home meets, we need all families to volunteer.  We appreciate all the time and support all of you give to TCSC , we couldn't do it without you! 

All swimmers and parents are expected to volunteer at least one session per day and donate an item for the hospitality/concession.  If you are not participating in the meet, or out of town, a $25.00 donation will be added to your invoice.