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Parent Committee

The Shorewood Hills Swim and Dive Team Parent Committee is a group of enthusiastic parent volunteers, here to lead the charge that swim and dive meets are organized, efficient, and safely run, so that our swimmers and divers can have a great experience during these events.  

We also work to help find volunteers to run the swim and dive team’s social activities (potluck meals, team tie-dying, Noah’s Ark trip, and much more). 

We love to answer questions and hear feedback from everyone in our community.  Reach us depending on the team your child is on:

Swim Team: [email protected]

Dive Team: [email protected]

The 2021 Shorewood Hills Swim and Dive Team Parent Committee consists of:

Chair:  Scott McKinney

Swim Team Rep/Swim Meet Co-Directors: Kip Schick & Scott McKinney
Dive Team Rep/Dive Meet Director/All City Board Representative:  Katie Parsons, Angie Nechville Ferguson, Kip Schick & Scott McKinney
Communications and Team Unify Lead:  Scott McKinney

Sponsorships Chair: Leila Godkin

Swim Meet Volunteer Coordinator:  Leila Godkin
Treasurer/Finances:  Leila Godkin
Apparel/Team Suit Chair:  Sharon Thoma

Timing, Officiating, General Communications:  Mike Anderson, Megan Spicer