Join LCA

How do I join LCA?

Joining Lawrence County Aquatics is easy!  You can register your swimmer anytime.  Simply email ( or call (812-512-9005) to set up a time for an evaluation.  

You may complete forms ahead of time and email them.  You may also mail them to PO Box 1352 Bedford, IN 47421

*An evaluation is required for all new swimmers as well as any previous member that has not participated in the last calendar year.

*Your swimmer will get in the water for their evaluation so they will need to have appropriate swim wear, goggles and a towel.

*You will need to bring a copy of your swimmers birth certificate along with a completed USA Swimming Registration Application and Swimmer Information Sheet.  You will also need to bring a check for the USA swimming registration fee and the first month's coaching fee.  Checks should be made payable to Lawrence County Aquatics.

USA Swimming Membership:

Annual USA Membership (For year round swimmers) $65
Seasonal USA Membership (4/1 to 8/28 Only) $35.50


Monthly Coaching Fees:

Training Group Monthly Fee
Minnows $55
Red $55
White $60
Blue $60
Diamond $70


Multiple Swimmer Family Discount:

3rd Child 1/2 off coaching fee
4th Child Free

***Discounts are taken off of monthly coaching fee in order of lowest to highest.

Registration Forms:

USA Annual Membership Form

USA Annual Outreach Membership Form (for those who qualify for free or reduced lunches)

USA Seasonal Membership Form

LCA Registration Form


What does an evaluation entail?

An evaluation is an opportunity for the coaching staff to properly place your swimmer in an appropriate training group.  The evaluation process only takes about 5 minutes.  It is not a test but rather an opportunity for the coaching staff to see what your swimmers current capabilities are.

How do I know if my swimmer is ready for LCA?

In order for your swimmer to enter the Minnows group they should be comfortable entering the water feet first, leaving the side of the pool, floating on their front and back unassisted, and be able to submerge their face and retrieve an object.  The head coach will make the final decision on whether a swimmer is ready for the Minnows level or if they need additional basic swim lessons.  Swimmers whose skills are beyond this level are absolutely ready for LCA!

Why should I join LCA?

Competitive swimming has a number of benefits.  We believe it is important for everyone to have strong swimming skills.  Your swimmer will make life long friends, learn to be part of a team, learn good sportsmanship, discover what they are capable of, and in many cases discover the sport that is best for them.  Swimming is a low impact activity with little risk of injury and fantastic health benefits.  It is also a whole lot of fun!

What other costs are there?

The good news is that, generally speaking, swimming is one of the more inexpensive activities your child can participate in.  Your swimmer will need a good pair of goggles and appropriate swimwear such as a one piece suit for girls and trunks or jammers for boys.  Note:  Regular swim trunks are acceptable for boys however we do encourage parents to consider more streamlined options.  We also ask that your swimmer bring a reusable water bottle with their name on it.

Other additional costs include participation in swim meets, other optional equipment you may choose to purchase such as competitive suits, swim caps, backpacks etc.  

When is practice?  How often should my swimmer attend practice?

Practice times vary depending on what group your swimmer is placed in.  You may view the current practice schedule by visiting the "Practice Calendars" tab above.  LCA does not have an attendance requirement.  However, as with anything, the more your swimmer attends practice the faster they will progress and improve.  Attending 3 to 4 days per week is viewed as optimal by the coaching staff for swimmers looking to improve their skills and compete at a high level.

What are the different practice groups?

The Developmental group is our entry level group for novice swimmers.  As a swimmer progresses they will move up to Red group, White group and finally Blue group.  Advancement is always at the discretion of the head coach.  To view a description of each group visit the "Training Groups" tab above.

What about competition?

LCA is one of the top clubs in the state and as such attends a full schedule of meets each season culminating with qualifying swimmers competing in Divisional, State and Zone championship meets.  We strongly encourage swimmers to attend meets whenever possible and we do expect that our members will attend home meets in support of their club.  You may find the current meet schedule and sign up information under the "Events" tab above.

What are "cuts"?

Cuts are certain time standards required to attend and specific meets.  Swimmers must achieve specific time standards to compete in meets such as the divisional championships all the way to Olympic trials.  You may check out specific time standards on our website via the "Championship Cuts" tab.  The first cut most swimmers work to attain is the divisional cut.  After that age group state or senior state are in order.  There are multiple meets beyond that all the way up to the Olympics!  USA swimming provides multiple levels of motivational times using letter grades such as "B", "A" all the way up to "AAAA" which is the highest standard.