Sharks Team Partners

It takes approximately 3600 volunteer hours to run the WTRC Sharks Swim Team Inc. sponsored events and activities and maintain an efficiently run swim team. Our primary fundraising events our home swim meets. To efficiently run these meets, it is essential for all parents to volunteer time. 

Parent and family member assistance is crucial to the success of these activities. By participating, you have an opportunity to meet other WTRC Shark families and demonstrate support of your swimmer(s). As outlined in our team handbook and by-laws, participation eligibility on the team is dependent on each family meeting both their Volunteer and Fundraising Commitments. 
Volunteer Program Description
The WTRC Sharks volunteer program is based upon 16 hours. These hours encompass the swim meets. The activities/events require additional time. Upon enrollment families are requested to declare their intention of volunteering. This will allow the team time to help families choose their volunteer hours.
There is a financial option in lieu of volunteer hours. Since we are in need of volunteer hours, we prefer that families not take this option. We value each service hour at $18.75/hour. If your family chooses to pay the fee, the years volunteer hours total to $300.00.
We will be using sign in sheets to track hours worked. We hope that families will choose to fulfill their service hours. You may view your volunteer hours on-line.
Volunteer options
  1. Filling a job position at one of the WTRC Sharks Swim Team Inc.  sponsored meets or events.
  2. Volunteering for committee positions: meet director, volunteer coordinator, heat sheet preparation, concessions, hospitality, and other events.
  3. Training and becoming certified as an official stroke and turn judge or starter for the meets.
  4. Working as a timer at any meet. When volunteering at other club meets, please send the hours you worked to the volunteer coordinator.
  5. Additional needs- the club has additional needs throughout the year. If you have a particular skill that may benefit the team, please let us know.

In Summary

  • Sign up and indicate the volunteer positions you desire during the registration periods  available.
  • For those who can’t be at the volunteer sign up, contact the volunteer coordinator.
Swim Meet Committee Chair Responsibilities:
  • Meet Director- coordinates with the coaching staff the home sponsored meets and files the required reports to Ohio Swimming
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Coordinates with families to sign up for jobs at the meets and team events.
  • Fundraising Chair- Coordinates and obtains fundraising from team families who wish to solicit adds for heat sheets, secure donors to financially support the team, participate in the scrips program, and the swim-a-thon.
  • Heat Sheet Coordinator- Collaborates with the Meet Director to create and print the heat sheets.
  • Hospitality Chair- Organizes and plans with the volunteers meals for the coaches and the officials
  • Concession Chair- Organizes and plans with the volunteers the concession for swimmers and their guests.
  • Awards Chair- Ensures adequate awards for placement of swimmers at the meets. Also coordinates with volunteers producing ribbons at the meets.