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USA Swimming requires coaches to complete these certification and education requirements.

Coach Safety Education Requirements [certifications]

Coaches, please review the list of acceptable courses prior to obtaining certification or recertifying. Courses not on the list are not acceptable. Courses not on the list are not acceptable. After a coach has satified requirements and has his or her certification cards, the coach registers with North Texas Registrations Chair Karen Rourke.

First Year Education Requirement

Coaches must pass a Foundations of Coaching test before they may renew their USA Swimming coach membership.

Background Checks

All coaches are required to successfully complete a designated background screen through the USA Swimming background screen provider. Background checks performed by other providers will not be accepted. The background check may take several weeks including renewals. Please plan accordingly.

USA Swimming Athlete Protection Plan

Existing registered Non-Athletes must complete the Athlete Protection Training [APT] before they can be renewed for the 2014 year. All new Non-Athletes must register as a non-athlete member before initiating the Athlete Protection Training. Once the APT is completed and matches to their SWIMS record, a non-athlete registration card will be generated and mailed. This applies to Coaches.

USA Swimming "SWIMS" Times

Gloria Schuldt is the North Texas National Times Chair. Jane Maxvill is also a North Texas National Times Officer.


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