PDBC volunteering

Pacific Dragons Booster Club (PDBC) Parent SERVICE program (Effective August  1, to July 31, next year)


The success of PDST depends on the support and dedication of its swimmers and the parents. By sharing the labor required for PDST swimmers, we ensure a more rewarding and successful swimming program for our swimmers. The purpose of the SERVICE Program is to fairly distribute the work necessary for a successful swimming program and involve all parents in the swimming activities.


For each PDST family: SERVICE hours required for families with their highest-level swimmer in the listed training group


Adv. Group

Regional Group

HS Group

Age Group

Nov. Group

Dev. Group




Proportion of Reg. Group (11 hrs)




  • In addition, 3 SERVICE hours will be added for each sibling swimmer registered from same family.
  • The cash value of the volunteering hour is set at $20/hour and a check can be paid to PDBC in lieu of the SERVICE hours when a family may choose to buyout the entire SERVICE hours or SC portion at the time of registration;  and at the end of the SC season to buyout for the LC season.
  • All families are required to provide SERVICE for PDST-hosted or co-hosted meets. PDST/PDBC reserves the right to assign needed SERVICE hours to each family if there is not enough SERVICE coverage to run the PDST-hosted or co-hosted meet(s). 
  • The fulfillment of the SERVICE hours is divided in 2 parts, with 2/3 of the hours (for example, 14 hours of the 20 hours) to be completed during the short course season (defined as Sept – end of April) and the rest to be completed during the long course season (defined as April-July). Unfulfilled SERVICE hours will be billed prior to start of long course season for the first 2/3 hour commitment. Unfulfilled SERVICE hours of the rest of the 1/3 hour commitment is billed at the season end. The payment in lieu of the SERVICE hours is paid to Pacific Dragons Booster Club (PDBC). There will be no banking or carryover of the hours from season to season.
  • SERVICE hours must be earned by working on PDST or PDBC Board approved activities.
  • Registration can be denied to returning swimmer/family until SERVICE Hours obligation assessments are fulfilled.  Those families that register with an unfulfilled Service Hours obligation shall be given lowest priority on the swimming level waiting list until their obligation is fulfilled.  Once their SERVICE Hours obligation is fulfilled, the swimmer will move up from the waiting list as positions in the level are filled with swimmers.
  • Any unfulfilled SERVICE hours will be billed at $40/hour at end of short course season and/or long course season.
  • If you registered for the SERVICE but failed to complete SERVICE sessions, you will be charged a fee. The fee is $40.00 per missed hour. This charge will be added to your account and billed immediately.
  • The PDBC Board reserves the right to require or distribute additional SERVICE hours in late season when necessary.